How To Use Nettle Tea To Reduce Joint Pains

Nettle Tea To Reduce Joint Pains

Many people suffer from joint pain due to arthritis and other problems. It causes mild to severe pain in the joints of legs, knees and hips. It can cause inability to move making people bedridden. The affected person undergoes a lot of suffering and agony due to this. Timely treatment helps in giving relief to the patient and reducing the body pain. Herbal remedies are quite effective in reducing joint pain. Nettle is one such herb that can be used for body pain. The plant is very prickly yet very beneficial in reducing pain. It contains ingredients that help in decreasing inflammation-causing cytokines in the body. It decreases swelling and soreness in joints. We will explain the uses of nettle tea for this. The tea can be made with fresh or dry nettle leaves according to your choice.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Use The Nettle Tea To Reduce Joint Pains:

Use Fresh Nettle Leaves

Things Required

For making the tea, you will need fresh nettle leaves. You should take about one cup leaves. Take two cups water for preparing the tea. Use gloves and scissors for plucking the nettle leaves from the garden.

Fresh Nettle Leaves

Method Of Making The Tea From Fresh Nettle Leaves

Pluck fresh nettle leaves from the garden. Wear proper dress and gloves so that you are safe from its prickly thorns that sting. Boil the leaves with water in a vessel. After the first boil, decrease the flame to low and continue cooking. Cook the water on a slow flame for some time. Switch off the flame. Drink the tea after straining it.

Nettle Leaves Tea

Use Dry Nettle Leaves

Things Required

Apart from the fresh nettle leaves, you can make tea from the dry leaves. Take about one teaspoon dry nettle leaves or herb. This measurement of nettle is for making one cup tea. You will also need one cup water. Also, take little amount of honey and cinnamon powder.

Dry Nettle Leaves

Method Of Making The Tea From Dry Nettle Leaves

Take the dry nettle herb and steep it in one cup boiling water for ten minutes. Keep the vessel covered with a lid when you steep it. After that, strain the tea and add honey for a sweet taste. Add one pinch cinnamon powder, which helps in reducing inflammation. Drink the tea while it is still warm.

Nettle Tea

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