Natural Cure For Crohn’s Disease

Natural Cure For Crohn's Disease Crohn’s disease is the inflammation of the digestive tract especially the intestines. The mucosal lining of the intestines gets inflamed and it is unable to absorb nutrients, water and fat from the food that we eat. It is a debilitating disease that attacks the innermost layers of the intestines and causes it wear away and become ulcerated.

It is commonly caused by genetic factors and the overreaction of the immune system to bacterial and viral infections. The predominant symptoms are fever, pain in the abdomen, bloating, diarrhea, urinary tract infections and constipation. This disease is mostly intermittent which means that it is not active all the time and the condition keeps flaring on and off without any warning and how long it will last, is also unpredictable. If left untreated, this condition can cause gallstones, fistulas, abscesses and fissures and rectal bleeding.

Natural Ways to Cure Crohn’s Disease


Buttermilk is the most natural treatment for Crohn’s disease. Thin buttermilk soothes the inflamed lining of the intestines, promotes healthy bacteria which help in the absorption of nutrients and reduces the swelling and pain. Churn one kilo of fresh curd till the butter is separated from the whey.

Skim the butter and add some water to the whey. Drink three glasses of this fresh buttermilk everyday on a regular basis. Your overall heath will greatly improve and flare ups of the disease will terminate altogether.


Bananas are a storehouse of nutrients and provide instant energy to the body. They soothe the inflamed lining of the intestines, heal the ulcers and maintain the overall health of the digestive tract.

Natural Cure For Crohn's Disease

They contain a substance which prevents the bacteria from damaging the cells and tissues of the intestinal lining and keeps it healthy and strong. Mash one ripe banana, mix it with curd and eat twice daily. If you do not want to eat with curd you can just eat ripe bananas as many as you want, throughout the day.


Cabbage is full of healing, soothing and nourishing properties which are very useful in the treatment of Crohn’s disease. It is rich in a substance called glutamine which prevents the inner layers of the intestines from being attacked and damaged.

It maintains the health of the stomach and the intestines and aids in the healing of ulcers. Take one cup of fresh shredded cabbage and boil it in three cups of water. Boil till the cabbage turns tender and the water is reduced to half. Strain and drink this soup two times daily.


Papaya is rich in the digestive enzyme known as papain which breaks down and integrates the nutrients in the food that we eat and cleanses the digestive tract.

Natural Cure For Crohn's Disease

It is rich in potassium, folate and vitamins A, C and E which prevent infections from corroding the intestinal lining and help in maintaining a healthy digestive tract. Eat fresh papaya twice daily and get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a wonder plant full of amazing healing and curative properties. It takes care of all kinds of digestive disorders and diseases. It reduces the swelling and soothes the walls of the intestines. Drink half a cup of aloe vera juice twice daily to prevent Crohn’s disease from cropping up.

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