5 Natural Cure For Clogged Arteries

Clogged Arteries

Natural cure for clogged arteries is promising and result oriented. It gives a compact treatment program to speed up the recuperation from the blocked arteries which occlude the blood circulation in the body. In websites you will get many herbal products, natural remedies and dietary programs to check the massive breakthrough in the spread of disease to enhance the artery blockage.


Make a list of herbal/natural products for the natural cure for clogged arteries. Alpha-linoleolic acid, or ALA, Omega 3, vitamin C supplements and selenium, resveratrol are some of well know herbal supplements to bring the speed in the removal of discomfiture, prolonged artery blockage and defective blood transfer in the body.

Ways To Cure Clogged Arteries

Natural cure for clogged arteries can be perfectly enhanced in the event of selection of common herbal ingredients like green tea, garlic, fenugreek and psyllium.In this connection, you must read the medical journals to know clearly about the roles of natural ingredients and herbs to clean the debris in the form of plaques which block the arteries. Turmeric, ginkgo, rosemary and peony roots perform extremely well to make the heart more functional. Turmeric can be eaten everyday in certain amount to minimize the severity of cardiovascular disorders.

1. Barley

Barley is selected by doctors as a part of natural remedy to unblock the arteries. It is conducive to the atherosclerosis treatment. Blood is blocked and clogged in the arteries. It stands to reason; you must plan your food for eating. Barley provides the nutrients to energize the muscles, and smoothes blood flow removing the artery blockage.

2. Cod Liver

It is seen that due to the consumption of Omega 3, flax seed oil based products and cod liver oil via food, the risks of being affected by atherosclerosis are down without producing severe negative effect. Cod liver oil decreases the percentage of cholesterol to ensure the proper blood flow.

3. Garlic

Garlic is one of the best natural nutrients which control the blood pressure. It comes in handy to check the low blood pressure and in this way it also splits the deposits of plaques in arteries.

4. Fenugreek, Guggul, Red Yeast Rice

The main cause of the formation of plagues in the arteries is due to the increase in the amount of triglyceride and cholesterol. It will naturally increase the risk factors to delay the recovery process. In this connection, one should try to consume fenugreek, red yeast rice and, guggul to boost up arteries via detoxification and plaque removal methods.

5. Green Tea

You should make it a routine works to have cups of lukewarm green tea to keep the arteries from bad cholesterol or LDL. You can also take Tocotrienols and Quercetin for ensuring the rapid progression in unblocking arteries to bring the normal blood flow.

Artery blockage takes place owing to the deposition of plaques in arteries to prevent the easy channelization of blood to transport nutrients to the unreachable organs of the human body. Folic acid, Lycopene, vitamin B Complex and Chondroitin sulfate can also be recommended to unlock the blocked arteries.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.