Most Important Vitamins To Help Prevent Osteoporosis

OsteoporosisIn osteoporosis, mineral density of bones gets decreased and bones become porous. This results into fragile, brittle bones that are prone to fractures. There exist several causes of osteoporosis like side effects of anticoagulant medications or steroidal drugs. These strong medications inhibit calcium uptake and its utilization. Those who drink alcohol or coffee excessively, heavy smokers, postmenopausal women and old people are prone to osteoporosis.

Regular exercising with balanced and nutritional diet helps to prevent osteoporosis. Those at high risks of the disease need to take extra vitamin supplementation to remain safe and disease free. For maintaining bone strength, the body continuously breaks down old cells and grows new bone cells. For fueling growth of bones, bone density should be strong and then one can keep osteoporosis away. High bone density can be achieved with proper absorption of nutrients from foods that one eats and for that there are a few essential vitamins that must be consumed.

Vitamins To Help Prevent Osteoporosis

Vitamin D

For best absorption of calcium, Vitamin D is a must. Calcium is a very essential mineral for increasing bone density and bone growth. But this calcium is only able to perform its role, if absorbed efficiently in the body and its absorption is dependent on consumption of vitamin D. Therefore, one necessarily needs to include rich amounts of vitamin D in diet.

Vitamin D

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But, vitamin D is present in minute amounts in food items like eggs and fish that do not suffice the daily requirements. Additionally, daily sunshine can be extremely useful but that may not be always possible owing to varied weather conditions when sun does not appear at all for days. Hence, vitamin D has to be incorporated in supplements form, especially in individuals at high risk to prevent its deficiency. Vitamin D is also readily available as part of multivitamin supplements.


Deficiency of calcium is the leading cause of osteoporosis. Calcium is easily available from a number of food sources, but still deficiency may arise owing to hormonal, drug and chemical inhibitors that may prevent proper absorption of calcium. For best bone development, 1000 mg of calcium is needed every day. For those, consuming calcium inhibiting medications or an impaired digestive system should consume calcium salt like Biocath or Caltrate to supplement calcium requirements of the diet.

Calcium Food

Postmenopausal women are at higher risk of osteoporosis and should necessarily intake calcium supplements as extra calcium needs are crucial to prevent bone mass loss. Be careful to avoid exceeding calcium amounts to 600mg in one go as the body is unable to absorb more than this amount and the excess calcium may get deposited in soft tissues, leading to other ailments. As vitamin D is needed for calcium absorption, so supplement of calcium are commonly coupled with vitamin D to serve the purpose. Indulge in weight bearing exercise, in addition to adequate consumption of calcium and vitamin D as these together maintains a good bone density and prevents any occurrence of osteoporosis.


Phosphorus is also an essential component of bone and teeth. Dietary phosphorus is crucial as it gets ionized to phosphates and forms bone mineral that combines with calcium, to build mineral density of the bones. Dietary sources include all vegetables and fruits grown in soil rich in phosphorus, dairy products, fortified cereals and grain products.

Phosphates Food

Phosphates and biophosphonates supplements are recommended for high risk people, to prevent osteoporosis and even cure them in those suffering from it.

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Vitamin C

Vitamin C

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Absorption of calcium is highest in acidic environments and research has proven that use of vitamin C can boost the increased uptake of calcium in the body. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits, specifically citrus fruits are sufficient to include vitamin C in required amounts in the diet.

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