How To Use Pine Tree Bark For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are a problem in which the veins of legs become enlarged and blue in color. Pine tree bark extract is a useful remedy for this problem. Research has shown that people who used compression stocking and the pine bark extract could get significant relief in varicose veins. The pine tree bark extract helps in decreasing pain and swelling in the legs. It also gives relief in cramps. Thus, if you suffer from pain due to varicose veins, you should use this extract. Venous insufficiency or incompetence is a common problem that occurs due to varicose veins. Taking the pine bark extract helps in reducing the chances of suffering from venous incompetence.

The pine bark extract is very useful for pregnant women who suffer from varicose veins. It reduces the size of veins. The extract also helps in stopping the formation of ulcers in legs due to this problem. When you take pine bark extract, it helps in improving the blood circulation in the legs and this reduces symptoms of varicose veins. It stops the formation of clots caused by deposition of blood in one place. We will explain the method of using the pine bark extract.

Following Are Some Tips On How To Use Pine Tree Bark For Varicose Veins:

Use Pine Tree Bark Extract

Things Required

For making the extract, you will need pine tree bark. The best option is to use the fresh bark. For this, you should find a maritime pine tree. The extract is prepared with the help of water so you will need about twelve cups of water. You will also need cheesecloth to strain the extract.

Things Required

Method Of Using Pine Tree Bark Extract

Boil the pine bark in eight cups water. Before that, wash the bark well. When the water starts boiling, add pine bark and cook on a slow flame. Cover with a lid and cook the water till it reduces to half quantity. Separate the liquid from bark pieces by pouring over a cheesecloth. After straining the liquid, cook the leftover bark with four cups water on a slow flame till it reduces to half. Pour over the cheesecloth to strain the solution. Mix this solution with the liquid strained at first. Boil the liquid on a slow flame till you are left with one-fourth liquid. Cool and fill in a bottle. Consume this extract to get relief from varicose veins.

Method Of Using Pine Tree Bark Extract

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