How To Treat A Tendon Injury At Home

treating tendon injuryA tendon injury or tendinopathy can be caused either by a fall or due to high amount of excessive stress on a particular tendon. Athletes are prone to this kind of injury in comparison to normal people. Weakened immune system can also be another cause of tendon injury.

Every time a tendon injury occurs, it can be a daunting task to rush to a nearby hospital or clinic for treatment. Here are some simple guidelines that will help you to learn how to treat a tendon injury at home.

Treatment for Tendon Injury


The basic symptoms that accompany a tendon injury are inflammation of the tendon tissues along with pain.  Rest the area that has got injured and refrain from any kind of activities that will further aggravate the problem.

You will have to allow the body’s natural healing system to work on the damaged tendon. For this, adequate sleep is required. This not only enhances blood circulation in the body but also quickens the healing process.

Damaged tendons need extra rest for healing. Depending on the extent of damage, long term changes might have to be incorporated into our daily life. Once the pain subsides, do not resume heavy activities as the tendon will still need some more time to heal completely.

Perform Light Exercises

While resting the affected area is important so is the need to allow unhindered blood flow into the region. Perform small and mild exercises under the watchful eyes of an experienced physiotherapist. Remember that the more blood reaches the tendon faster will be the healing process.

treatment for tendon injury

Keep the affected area in motion. Slowly move the joint during the full range-of-motion exercises. Slowly move it even when in a resting position. Once the pain recedes continue with small and light exercises before performing some other exercises to strengthen the muscles.

Apply Ice

Ice applied on the affected area immediately after the symptoms of tendonitis appear, have proven to have beneficial effects on the condition. You can also apply cold packs on the tendon injury. Apply the cold pack or ice for a minimum of ten to fifteen minutes every four hours, at least twice in a day. Look for the inflammation and pain to recede before stopping the cold pack. Heating pads also reduce pain but ice produces long term benefits.

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Resume Performing Light Activities

Once you find the symptoms of tendon injury receding, resume your previous lifestyle gradually. However, ensure that the activities are not as vigorous as before. Care has to be taken to prevent the symptoms from reappearing.

Perform warm up exercises before and after the activities. This will get your muscles ready to endure the force of the upcoming activities. Start from low intensity and gradually increase the intensity till the affected region is able to endure it comfortably. Stop as soon as you feel any kind of discomfort.

After every activity that you perform, apply ice on the area to prevent its swelling.

Avoid Tobacco

Research conducted on varied number of patients has proven that tendon injuries tend to heal faster in non smokers than smokers.

There is no need to get panicked in case of a tendon injury if you know how to treat a tendon injury at home. The guidelines are simple and very easy to follow.

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