How To Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Smokers are at a risk of getting many types of diseases. Men and women all over the world do smoking today and this trend is increasing a lot. This is a very bad habit damages the lungs and other organs of our body. The cigarette smoke contains nicotine and other harmful chemicals that harm our body. Apart from smokers, the people who take second hand smoke by being close to smokers also suffer from health problems. Doctors advise people to quit smoking for leading a healthy disease free life. When a smoker leaves smoking, there is a problem of weight gain. We will give some tips for leaving smoking without increasing the weight.

Following Are Some Useful Tips On How To Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight:

Drink Fluids

Increase the intake of water and other fluids. Carry water while going out. It will hydrate the body and engage your mind so that you don’t smoke. Avoid drinks that contain sugar and calories. Water prevents weight gain so it is a very good drink.

Lots of Fluids

Take Small Meals

Most smokers who want to quit the habit have weight gain as they eat more food. Instead of taking three big meals, you should eat six small meals. It will prevent overeating while controlling the hunger pangs. It is healthy to eat food in small quantities.

Smaller Dining Plate

Take A Healthy Diet

Change your dietary habits. Stop eating fast foods and junk foods. Include healthy nutritious foods in your diet. Don’t eat rich foods that contain fat and calories. Take fewer amounts of salt and sugar.

Take Nutritious Diet

Read Food Labels

Read the food labels carefully before buying food from the market. Check the contents of a food item you like. Don’t buy foods that contain fat, salt and sugar. Don’t buy sugary drinks from food shops and restaurants. Avoid all types of unhealthy foods.

Read Food Labels

Avoid Dieting

Smokers should not do dieting during the time they are trying to quit the addiction. Do not stop eating food in order to lose weight. Continue taking a healthy diet as prescribed by your doctor. Make a diet chart after consulting your dietitian.

Avoid Dieting

Divert Your Mind

Divert your mind whenever you have the urge to smoke. Drink coffee at this time. Talk to friends on the phone. Go around the house or office. Do some household chores. All these activities will prevent you from smoking. Don’t spend time with people who smoke. Give a non-food reward to yourself whenever you manage to avoid cigarettes.

Keep your mind happy

Avoid Triggers

Avoid triggers that force you to smoke. Leave the habit of smoking after eating food by doing something else like brushing the teeth. Eat foods like celery and carrots. You can also avid smoking by eating candies and chewing gum.

Keep A Check On Unhealthy Habits And Stress Levels

Take Medicines

Medicines that help in quitting smoking can help the smokers in controlling weight problem. You can take nicotine replacement medicines like Zyban. Some smokers benefit by taking Champix. These medicines are quite effective in reducing weight.

Take Medicines


Relaxation plays an important role in preventing stress and relaxing the body and mind. It helps in having positive thinking and peace of mind. Learn deep breathing and other methods of relaxation. You can do meditation.

Progressive Relaxation

Regular Exercises

Devote time for doing workouts. Daily exercise for half an hour is necessary for every person especially the smokers. Increase your physical activities. Walking is the easiest activity you can do anywhere. Park your car at a distance from the office and walk the rest of distance. You can do jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing, stair climbing and yoga.

Do sit-ups and abs exercises

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