How To Prevent Skin Cancer

Skin CancerThere are various varieties of skin cancers known. The most common causes are smoking, HPV infections, genetic syndromes, non-healing wounds and exposure to radiation. Skin Cancer can be a very difficult disease to cure if steps are not taken at the early stages.

Covering up as much skin as possible and using hats and sunglasses are very effective sun protection means. The best preventive measures against skin cancer as recommended by leading cancer organisations (and specialists) are the following.

Various Ways To Prevent Skin Cancer

Sun Protection

Protecting the skin from sunlight when outdoor is an important preventive measure. Using sunscreen lotions with a SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15 is a recommendation issued by the American Cancer Society.

Sunscreen lotion

These lotions should be applied every two hours (30 minutes prior to going out) because after that duration they stop working. Parts such as back of the neck and hands and the scalp should not be deprived of lotion application. If the sunscreen lotion provokes irritation, the doctor should be consulted immediately because a particular skin might be allergic to a particular sunscreen lotion.

Avoiding Tanning

Tanning is proven to have cancer producing effects, so the type of it (whether naturally on the beach or artificially in parlours) does not matter. When unprotected skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation (either from the sun or electric bulbs), DNA in the body gets damaged.

The brownish tinge the skin shows up (the ‘tan’) after the exposure is its defence mechanism to prevent further decay. So, tanning booths and tanning on the beach should be avoided. Teenagers should mandatorily be discouraged from getting tanned because their skin is more prone to undergo DNA mutations (leading to skin cancer with time) undergone from tanning.

Follow A Proper Diet

Diet is a preventive measure to all known diseases. Experts advise to consume at least four to five servings of fresh green vegetables and fruits everyday especially those which are rich in anti-oxidants like carotene and vitamin C.

vitamin c foods

Therefore, ample amounts of broccoli, citrus fruits and carrots should be included in the menu at once. Immunity boosting diet consisting of garlic, liquorice root, green tea, olive oils, fish and certain mushrooms is also essential. Red meat, processed food, alcohol, dairy products and particular vegetable oils which are hydrogenated should be avoided.

Keeping An Eye On Moles

Moles and freckles on the body should be checked and examined often. Observations like the discolouration of a mole (if its colour shows any change at all), the recovery of a healing sore getting prolonged and formation of itchy or bleeding eruptions on the skin should at once follow taking medical advice.

Typically such an examination should be done in the nude facing a full length mirror and using hand-held mirror as required. Clicking photographs and comparing them regularly is a suggested method to note the change.

Use Lavender Oil While Bathing

Bathing in water sprinkled with lavender oil is known to help in the prevention of skin cancer. Lavender oil has many beneficial nutrients for the skin and hence it helps the skin to regain its quality and health.

lavender oil bath

Extract of milk thistle, bloodroot, dandelion and clove are known to prevent skin cancer if consumed under specifications.

The above are means to prevent oneself against skin cancer which is the commonest form of cancer known to researchers. They will be helpful, try them out without ado, if you have to.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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