How To Prevent Gingivitis

GingivitisHealthy teeth depend on healthy gums. Gums not only protect the base of the teeth but the connective tissue found in them also keeps the teeth anchored to the bone. Gingivitis is a gum disease which occurs due to improper dental care. When residual food particles are allowed to remain trapped between the teeth, the bacteria feed on them and create a substance known as plaque which coats the teeth and gum line.

This plaque if not removed regularly by brushing and flossing the teeth, begins to accumulate and starts eroding the gums forming small pockets in the gum line. Bacteria collect in these tiny pockets and inflame the gums as a result of which, the gums become tender, swollen and painful and bleed whenever you brush your teeth or bite something hard or crisp. There is also a persistent bad breath which becomes very embarrassing when you are with people. Fortunately you can prevent gingivitis by taking proper care of your teeth and gums.

Best Ways To Prevent Gingivitis


Neem has been used since ancient times for addressing all sorts of oral diseases and disorders. When toothbrushes and toothpaste were not invented people brushed their teeth with a neem twig and never had any gum diseases.

Neem Leaves

Even you can brush your teeth with a neem twig if not daily- at least three times a week to keep your teeth and gums healthy and free from infections.

Mustard Oil

This simple remedy will help you maintain your teeth and gums in excellent health and will prevent gingivitis. Take one teaspoon of mustard oil and mix a good pinch of salt with it.

Mustard Oil

Massage your gums with this mixture for five minutes every night before going to bed. Mustard oil will remove the plaque and will prevent an overgrowth of bacteria. It will also stimulate the blood circulation and will keep the gums in optimum health.

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Alum is another very simple and useful remedy for preventing gingivitis. Alum has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Grind some alum to a fine powder and store it in a jar.


Take a teaspoon of alum powder and mix it into a glass of warm water. Rinse your mouth with this solution twice daily especially after a meal. Alum will help remove the plaque and will also keep the bacteria under control.

Coriander Seeds

Put a griddle on a fire and when it becomes very hot put three tablespoons of coriander seeds onto it. Roast the seeds till they start sputtering. Store the roasted seeds into an airtight jar.

Chew a teaspoon of these roasted seeds after every meal. Coriander seeds will not only keep your breath fresh but its fiber will also help to remove the plaque from the gum line and teeth.

Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf

Take a betel leaf and wrap it around a clove. Chew this, after a meal. Betel leaf and clove will not only keep your mouth fresh and fragrant but they will  also prevent plaque formation and an overgrowth of bacteria and keep your gums in excellent health.

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