How To Prevent Arthritis

ArthritisOccurrence of arthritis is increasing rapidly and the lack of awareness about it, when it first appears leads to its higher rise. Arthritis begins from much young age, between 30 to 40 years of age. It can be prevented or at least delayed by taking preventive measures. Early sign of crunching sound while raising the knee or/and morning stiffness with diminished joint movements at certain times, are the early warning signs of approaching arthritis.

Though, these signs do not last long and become fine for rest of the time, but one need to act more stringently to avoid development of arthritis. These signals are the start of wearing out of joints. In absence of any nerve endings within the cartilage regions, it is not associated with any pains in the early stages. It becomes painful, once cartilage deteriorates and the problem advances further.

Important Measures To Prevent Arthritis

Involve In Regular Activity

Exercising is a must for effective functioning of the cardiovascular system, muscles as well as bones and joints. Perform regular walks and stretching exercises. The stretching exercise build up the muscle tone and uplifts the range of joint movements.

Stretching Exercises

Warm up before stretching is a must as otherwise one may tend to strain the muscles and enhance the joint pain, worsening the situation rather than preventing it. Also, indulge in swimming, pilates or yoga for best results.

Follow Proper Biomechanics

Make sure that you follow the right way of performing all physical tasks and indulge in proper biomechanics to retain good health of the joints. The back takes all the load of body and gets affected first, in case we do not use the right posture while performing the tasks.

Poor management of tasks can affect almost all joints of the body. A simple gardening, if performed with fingers instead of the right digging tool will affect the finger joints. Proper preventive shields while playing sports need to be always used to support joints as well as enhance the performance. Minimizing avoidable strain of joints can save them from undergoing arthritis.

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Lose Excess Weight

Avoid gaining weight and lose body mass, if one is known to be overweight. Extra load will be harmful for joints as they become overburden and unable to carry on the higher strain.

Lose Weight

Overweight individuals undergo a destructive metabolism and enhance the natural cartilage degradation many times more than its renewal process, unbalancing the natural cartilage balances. Hence, just shedding weight and maintaining the right body mass keeps one off the risk of developing arthritis.

Prevent And Treat Injuries

During time of injuries, make sure to treat them properly and allow them to heal completely, before using them back. Insufficient care can be the cause for arthritis development as poor mechanisms of any one joint like ankle joint will in turn affect the functioning of other joints like hips or knees. So, never take the injuries at the joints too casually or lightly or ignore them.

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Calcium And Vitamin C And E

Vitamin C

Eating right is the simplest way for healthy and strong bones. For building up a healthy musculoskeletal system, consume foods rich in vitamin E, vitamin C and calcium to outlast all degenerative conditions.

Intake Of Water

Our body constitutes of 70% water and water is the essential nutrient that makes up cartilage of joints and keeps them sufficiently lubricated so that bones do not rub against one another.

Drink Water

Ensure to consume 8 glasses of water on everyday basis, to retain free mobility of joints.

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