How To Love The Exercises You Hate

Love The Exercises You Hate

We all know the importance of exercise for improving our health and preventing health problems. Despite knowing this, many of us don’t do exercises on a regular basis. Some people say they are too busy with no time for workout. Some blame the weather and illnesses for missing exercises. Most of us hate to do exercises. We don’t like to work hard, sweat and burn ourselves in physical activities. This is not good for you. Missing exercises will lead to diseases that can become difficult to treat. Thus, every person needs regular exercises for staying healthy. Try not to hate your workout. Realize the importance of regular workout. We will give some tips for this.

Following Are Some Useful Tips On How To Love The Exercises You Hate:

Make Daily Routine

Most people hate exercise because they don’t devote a fixed time for workout. Make a daily routine of half an hour of exercise. Even if you are very busy, take out time and do physical activities. If you can’t give half an hour at a single time, do exercises for ten minutes three times.


Do Pushups

Choose easy exercises like pushups. It will give workout to the muscles of chest and triceps. For doing this exercise, you need to lie down on floor or bed on the stomach. Place hands flat on floor near the shoulders. Lift the body up with the support of hands. Return to starting position.

Do Pushups

Do Burpees

Pushups can be hard to do sometimes. So do burpees before doing the pushups. Burpees help in toning the muscles of back, chest and legs. Do burpee also after doing pushups. It is very good for the muscles of shoulders, abdomen and buttocks.

Do Burpees

Do Walking and Running

Walking, jogging and running are easy exercises that don’t require joining a gym or hiring a trainer. Get up early morning and walk outdoors in nature in the open air. You can do walking several times indoors during your work at home and office. Avoid sitting for long hours.


Do Swimming

Some people don’t like slogging in the gym for doing hard exercise. Aquatics and water exercises are great summer activities that help in exercising the body. You can enjoy swimming in the pool especially when the weather is hot. It will help you in cooling down.


Motivate Yourself

Lack of motivation is the main cause why people don’t do exercises. Become familiar with the health benefits of doing workout and motivate yourself to improve the health and fitness levels. See the difference in your weight and figure and that will encourage you to be active.

Do sit-ups and abs exercises

Do Dancing

Exercise doesn’t mean that you have to sweat and work hard. You can become physically active while enjoying yourself. Dancing is the best activity for exercises haters. Put on some nice music and start dancing to its tune. It will make you move the body more and more.


Do Squatting

Squatting is easy exercise that can be done anywhere without any equipment and training. You can do squats on chair or bench. Doing squats while holding dumbbells in hand will give further benefits. Do ten repetitions of squats in three sets.


Do Simple Exercises

Modifying the exercises you hate to a simpler version of workout will help you in sticking to exercises. You can do simple exercises like planks and hamstring curls. Do exercise with dumbbells and exercise ball.

Workout at home

Exercise With Others

You can start loving exercises if you involve other people in your fitness goals. Instead of doing the exercises alone, ask your friends and family members to join you. Do the exercises together in a group. Form a group of friends who will walk and jog together.

Stomach Exercises

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