How To Cure Toothaches

ToothachesTooth ache can be really painful and can cause a lot of discomfort to you. Sometimes the toothache is so painful that you cannot even concentrate on your work or other things. Toothaches generally happen due to germ infection in the tooth and gums. If you have a habit of frequent eating and not washing your mouth properly after that then you have more chances of having a tooth ache.

Taking painkillers during toothache is not at all a solution rather painkillers can be really harmful for your health. Instead if you follow certain effective natural home remedies then that can give you instant relief as well as cure your toothache completely.

Ways To Cure Toothaches

Chewing Raw Onion

The raw onion juice is very effective for curing toothaches. Though you might not like the taste of a raw onion but if you chew a raw onion for about three to five minutes and then the juice that comes out of it is really effective to cure intense toothaches.

Onion Juice

Onion has some bactericidal properties in it as a result it kills any kind of bacteria that causes the toothache. If you want relief from acute toothache then onion juice is a very good option to cure it completely.

Use Ice Bag Or Hot Water Bag

Ice Bag

When you are suffering from intense toothache then use of ice bag or hot water bag can help you to reduce the pain. You can try using either ice bags or hot water bags as both are equally effective. Before using check what suits you the best and then use it accordingly.

Apply Mixture Of Black Pepper And Salt

Mixture Of Black Pepper And Salt

Applying mixture of a little black pepper powder and salt can be really effective to cure toothaches. Apply the mixture gently to the infected tooth and gums and you can feel the pain reduced considerably and would start to feel better within few minutes. Moreover if you use this mixture regularly then your gums will become stronger and free from bleeding.

Apply Lime Juice

Lemon is also very effective for curing toothache. You can apply the lime juice over the affected teeth or the gum and it will give you relief from acute pain within minutes.

Lime Juice

The acidic nature of lime juice acts as a medicine for the toothache. Applying limejuice is thus one of the easy and effective cures for toothaches.

Wash Your Mouth With Mouthwash After Every Meal

Toothaches generally occur due to the formation of bacteria in the teeth which is formed by leftover food particles stuck in the teeth. So it is important to wash your mouth properly with a good mouthwash so that no food particles are left behind.


If your mouth is clean then the chances of bacteria formation is lesser as a result chances of toothache also reduces. Keep yourself hygienic in order to reduce toothaches.

Chewing Spinach Leaves

Spinach Leaves

Chewing spinach leaves are also very effective and can reduce your toothache drastically. The juice that comes out from the spinach leaves makes your gums stronger and helps to fight against bacteria and toothache. The chewing of spinach leaves can reduce your pain and give you relief to a great extent.

Instead of having painkillers which are harmful for health try using these effective natural methods as these would reduce your pain and discomfort at the same time would not affect your health at all.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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