How To Cure Jock Itch

Jock ItchJock Itch, medically termed as tinea cruris, is a common skin infection caused by a fungus that affects the skin near and around the groin and upper thighs. It results in raised, red rashes, which are red at the outer edges and clear in the middle. It usually occurs in adolescent males and adult men.

Perspiring in hot, humid weather usually causes this and it thrives in the moist, warm areas of the body such as the buttocks, inner thighs and groin. It was a common occurrence in male athletes which led to its name. It often occurs in overweight people. It can be embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable if one is afflicted with jock itch. The good news is that there are some known natural remedies to get rid of this.

Best Ways To Cure Jock Itch

Lavender Essential Oil

The application of lavender essential oil with its strong anti-fungal properties is highly recommended in treating jock itch. Mix one part lavender oil with ten parts of jojoba oil and apply liberally to the affected area.

Lavender Essential Oil

This oil mixture comes close to the oil produced naturally by our skin. This helps in clearing the skin, which is infected due to jock itch. Apply twice a day to feel significant relief.

Tea Tree Oil

Another natural oil, which acts similar to lavender essential oil is tea tree oil, an anti-fungal oil that kills the infection causing fungi. Tea tree oil can be bought over the counter; look for pure tea-tree oil with few other added components for most effectiveness.

Tea Tree Oil

Make sure your skin is clean or take a bath before applying the oil in a thin layer over the affected area. Stay as long as possible with the oil on your skin before wearing your clothes.

Garlic Compress

A garlic compress is another effective but smelly remedy. Mix one tablespoon of grape seed or olive oil with two or three crushed garlic cloves. Dip a clean piece of cotton or cloth and use it to apply the oil to the affected area once or twice daily. Don’t wipe it off although it stings when applied.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Applying apple cider vinegar to the affected area will relieve the symptoms of jock itch. You can procure apple cider vinegar at a natural foods store or a local grocery store. Use a clean, soft piece of cloth or cotton ball to apply apple cider vinegar to the affected area, twice daily.

Adopt Hygienic Habits

Adopting hygienic habits and keeping yourself dry goes a long way in preventing occurrences of jock itch. In case you are a regular exerciser, it is extremely important to take a shower post exercise to wash off the sweat and then dry yourself thoroughly using a clean towel. Avoid using public shower stalls or using common towels. Make sure you change your underwear at least twice a day after cleaning and drying those areas of your body.

Avoid wearing tight underwear or synthetic clothing. It is recommended to wear loose, cotton clothes which allow your skin to breathe. Avoid briefs and wear boxers. If you tend to sweat excessively, it’s important to wash the sweat off your body to prevent the infection from exacerbating. Avoid excessive scratching and itching of the affected areas of your body.

Apply Powder

Keeping the affected area completely dry is vital for the prevention and elimination of jock itch. Drying powders available over-the-counter helps in absorbing the sweat produced during exercise or sweat produced as a result of heat.


Ensure that you dust the inner thigh, groin and pelvic region of your body liberally with this powder to remain dry and moisture-free.

Apply Listerine


Use the mouthwash Listerine to wipe the area. This will sting; however, the alcohol component of Listerine will kill the fungi and prevent any occurrence of bacterial infection. Using Listerine can give you a positive effect in curing jock itch.

Fruits And Vegetables 

Adopting a healthy diet filled with adequate portions of fresh fruits and vegetables works from the inside in boosting your immunity and increasing the resistance of your body to fight such infections (jock itch).

Fruits And Vegetables

Try to minimize the component of processed and/or oily food in your diet. Increase your intake of garlic (if you can tolerate it have them raw early in the morning on an empty stomach).

Keep Your Clothes Always Clean

Always wear freshly laundered clothes. If you have the infections related to jock itch, then you should wash all your used clothes separately after soaking in hot water and rinse with a strong anti-bacterial/anti-fungal after- wash liquid.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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