6 Ways To Cure Bronchitis


Bronchitis is generally caused by either bacterial or viral infection but in certain cases it might also be caused due to allergic reactions from pollens, molds and dusts. Bronchitis should never be neglected and should be treated immediately as acute and chronic bronchitis is not only painful but also makes a person feel miserable for long periods of time.

A person who is suffering from bronchitis usually faces symptoms like pain in the chest, a sore throat, hoarseness, a very bad cough which is accompanied by the constant release of thick phlegm or mucus due to too much coughing. Bronchitis is extremely contagious so it must never be neglected and should be treated at the earliest.

Though there are effective medicines prescribed by the doctor to cure the disease but there are certain very effective natural home remedies which can cure bronchitis completely.

6 Ways To Cure Bronchitis

Give Your Body As Much Rest As Possible

Giving your body as much rest as possible is one of the easiest and the most important ways to cure bronchitis. Bronchitis generally causes a lot of discomfort as a result you may not be able to sit still or lie and sleep comfortably. As a result you get tired and your body also becomes weak due constant exertion caused due to coughing and also due to lack of sleep.

Rest As Possible

When you are suffering from chronic bronchitis it is advised that you should stop all kinds of physical and outdoor activities and give your body as much rest as possible. This rest would reduce your discomfort to a certain extent and would also help you to get cured faster from this infection.

Drink Plenty Of Water And Other Fluids

Drinking plenty of water and fluids helps in a big way to cure acute bronchitis completely. Drinking plenty water and fluids helps to keep the body hydrated all the time and also helps in thinning of the sputum and makes it easier to expel it. It is better to sip lukewarm water at regular intervals as it gives a lot of relief to the sore throat and reduces coughs to a great extent.

Drink Water

Other fluids that are also very helpful are fresh fruit juices, warm soups and sometimes even warm tea gives a lot of relief and helps to cure bronchitis faster. It is best if the fluids are warm because then it can soothe the throat from too much coughing.

Gargle Everyday With A Mixture Of Warm Water And Salt

Doing gargle with warm water mixed with salt at least 3 times a day is very important as it is a very effective cure for bronchitis. Gargling with warm water along with salt help to reduce the inflammation in the throat and also help to loosen up the mucus that is attached to the throat and thereby gives a lot of relief.


It is very good if you can gargle as much as possible and so that you can spit out the mucus easily after gargling. This is very a very effective way to cure bronchitis completely.

Intake Of Ginger And Onion Juices

Ginger is very effective to cure bronchitis. Drinking a warm mixture of ginger and honey or ginger tea can alleviate the fever associated with bronchitis and soothe the throat. This also helps to reduce the discomfort to a great extent and cures bronchitis much faster.

Onion Juices

Onion juice is also another effective ingredient to cure bronchitis when taken first thing in the morning can thin out the phlegm and avoid further formation of it because onion is said to be a natural expectorant so it helps to cure bronchitis to a great extent.

Doing Yoga And Deep Breathing

Doing light yoga and deep breathing regularly can also help to cure bronchitis. Deep breathing and pranayams helps to clear your chest and lung passages and keeps it healthy as well.

Deep Breathing

Try and do pranayams or deep breathing at least two times a day then you can feel the difference yourself as you would feel a lot more comfortable and congestion free.

Take Epsom – Salt Baths

Epsom-salt baths are recommended and are found to be very effective for those who suffer from acute bronchitis. You need to mix and dissolve two to three pounds of salt in 60 liters of water at a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit and take this warm bath. This bath is very effective and is recommended two or three times a week mainly for those who suffer from chronic bronchitis.

Salt Baths

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