How To Cure A Spider Bite

Spider BiteAn individual undergoes various kinds of health problems in their day to day lives. An individual comes across insects, either dangerous or non dangerous. Spiders being harmful by nature, their bites can be troublesome and painful. They bite the targeted ones to make them inactive and slaughter them before their consumption. To protect themselves, few spiders go against themselves and they are often mistaken as a finger of a human or a caterpillar. They own the chemical called chelicera, which seep through the epidermis of the human and maximum of them are females.

The bite depends upon the poison it has emitted in the body and how injurious it is. Spider bites are not harmful, while few are considered to be poisonous. The bites cause contagious problems, while few of them, their single bite puts an individual into a hospitalized state. The two households of the spiders which are considered to be non-poisonous are firstly uloboridae and lastly holarchaeidae and they tend to spread contagious diseases with their bites. Few spiders are harmful, firstly, black widow spider whose bite is felt like a pierce of a pin and inflammations are noticed initially and with time they turn red. Secondly, brown recluse spiders are identified through their structure and their bite leads to an enormous pain and often death of a person. An individual can adopt various remedies without much time, expense and effort. They are:

Various Ways To Cure Spider Bite

Benefits Of Pointed Things

An individual should be really careful about the insect bites and one should adhere to the preventive measures. The individual should carry sharp instruments properly and carefully. When an individual has been bitten by the spider or any other insect firstly, an end of the credit card can be rubbed over the wound to remove the infection and extract the poison.

Credit Card Can Be Rubbed

Secondly, an edge of the knife or a nail of the finger can be used for the extraction and removal of venom. It is very important to extract the poison out, as the bag of venom if not pricked or damaged will keep aggravating and will keep transferring through the body. A proper instrument should be used for extraction since any remains should not be left, as, if it is taken out improperly then the poison tends to spread through the entire body.

Wonders Of Frozen Water

The frozen water or ice is useful in many circumstances like the inflammations, hurts, stings etc. The application of ice directly on the wound helps in providing a cooling sensation and is a natural healing agent. While few of the bites of the spiders are not harmful, the remedies which are natural by nature can be adopted without much thoughts and expense.

Apply Ice

To remove the dampness attained from bite, the wound should be cleansed with frozen water and soap. The next step to be adopted is to apply the ice towards the affected area and lacto calamine cream to remove the swelling and heal the wound properly. Alternatively, a cloth can be worn above the wound to hinder the spreading of poison or being hospitalized is important in few cases.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is helpful in many cases and is quite useful and beneficial for the spider bites. Baking soda can be mixed with a little water and can be turned into a residue or a paste to apply it over the wound. The application of baking soda brings relief to an individual and if there is enough time, the residue should be left aside to be dried, since it helps in absorbing the toxins from the affected area.

Baking Soda

The baking soda can be mixed along with the lotion and applied over the affected to derive benefits of the baking soda. The application should be simultaneously put over the wound two to four times with the help of an adhesive tape, since it helps in reduction of swelling. This method should be continued for a long period of time as this is a very good remedy.

Attainment Of Knowledge

To go ahead with any kind of treatment an individual needs to assured of the category of the spider which has bitten him or her and even the degree of the poison held by the spider. After an individual has been bitten by the spider, he or she should investigate the full body to examine the bite and the part of the spider should be held with a lever and taken out properly, so that nothing remain inside the wound to create contamination.

The spider should be investigated and inspected very properly to know the variety of species it belongs to and if the investigation is not possible, the spider should be held aback within a jar and with the help of the alcohol it can be preserved to know about the spider and study for a longer span of time.

Effect Of Oils

There are various types of oils which are effective in treating spider bites and also helps in a faster recovery. The oils derived from raw turmeric and olives can be blended well to minimize the redness attained from the bites. This mixture should be applied continuously for a period of three weeks to remove the grief and helps in the extraction of poisonous toxins.

Tea Tree Oil

The oil derived from the leaves of tea tree has properties of killing the fungi and other germs and bacteria. The oil has various medicinal chemicals which help in attaining a good and a clear skin. The quality of killing the germs towards the wound helps in healing of the wounds.


The wound should be examined very properly before an application of any medicine towards it. The wound after a wash, should be given a compress to remove the burning sensation and to subsidize the inflammation.


A compression of heat helps in increasing the movement of hemoglobin and minimizes the strain of the hemoglobin. An individual tends to attain a lot of relief after the compression or the massage.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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