Home Remedies For Joint Pain

Joint pain is normally caused by different injuries, some conditions and also aging. It can occur due to some injury from sports, excess amount of strain or sometimes it is just a symptom of arthritis.

Joint Pain

So, it is very important that we should understand our body perfectly and detect those symptoms at early stage. Here we are discussing about some remedies of joint pain which can provide us healthy life and we can surely avoid taking painkillers.

Tips To Cure Joint Pain Naturally

Carrot Juice

Consume carrot juice. This helps in improving the stiffness condition by making our ligaments strong. Another good remedy is taking a mixture of lemon and carrot juice. Equal part of this juice can be mixed, so that we can get maximum benefits. We should consume this mixture in big teaspoon, so that we can reduce the pain.

Carrot Juice

Hot & Cold Compresses

If you make use of cold and hot compresses where maximum pain is felt, then it can surely reduce the pain in joints.

Hot Compress


If you perform some of the exercise at home, then it can also help you reducing the problem of joint stiffness. Some of the workouts can improve the flexibility of joints and provide strength to bones. Exercise can surely improve the flexibility in joints, but it can also be a challenge while you are feeling pain in joints so if it is done in water than it can overcome the problem.

Regular Exercise

Olive Oil

Another cost saving home remedy is oil message to joint areas with warm olive oil. We should message the painful areas with oil and it will surely help in reducing the joints which are under strain.

Olive Oil


As we know that there are many benefits of garlic in terms of our health, so there is no surprise that it will be also effective for joint pain. If you really want relief, you can take garlic cloves that are fried in butter. One more thing is taking a paste of garlic and applies the same to the painful areas as well as the areas which has swollen.



According to the recent and previous study, it has been proved that ginger is the ingredient which can also act as natural and active compound, and can reduce the joint pain and inflammation. People can consume the same in any form like capsules, powder, extract and tincture.



Swimming is one of the best exercises which can provide complete body workout and it can also help in reducing the pain in joints.


Apple Vinegar

We can consume apple cider vinegar than it is also worth to get relief from joint pains. Even if we massage with warm vinegar on the pain areas while going to bed is also most effective ways to reduce the pain.

Apple clider


Even, some of the Yogic exercise like ‘Gomukh Asana’ is also the best thing which can avoid joint pains.

Yoga mudrasana

Shower Bath

If we take a shower bath with warm water, then we can surely reduce this discomfort.



Consume banana, it can provide good strength and grease to our joints and this can also reduce pain in our joints.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.