13 Home Remedies For Diarrhea In Children

Home Remedies For Diarrhea In Children

Diarrhea is a very common occurrence in adults as well as kids. However, when kids are affected with diarrhea, things become difficult to deal with.Diarrhea in kids needs to be treated with great care as it can lead to dehydration and serious problems if  treated without care. There are several safe and quick home remedies that can be employed when your child is sick with diarrhea. Here are the most effective ones that can be tried at home.

Natural Remedies For Diarrhea In Children

1. Ginger

The safest and most effective home remedy for diarrhea in children is to give them ginger juice. Ginger not only gives relief from diarrhea, but will also treat the reason that causes it, like a bacterial infection or indigestion in the stomach. Take a stalk of ginger and add this to a cup of boiling water. Simmer for about five to ten minutes and give it in small quantities to your child after cooling it. Ginger helps in increasing the blood circulation to the blood and destroys the bacteria in the stomach, thereby easing the diarrhea symptoms. You can add a teaspoon of ginger for sweetening the ginger juice.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice too is an excellent remedy for treating diarrhea in children. Lemon is mildly antibacterial and great for kids. Squeeze a whole lemon and add adequate water to this. Give this 3-4 times to your kids to neutralize the bacteria and reduce the acidity in the stomach as well. Sweeten with honey if needed. Lemon can also be grinded along with the rind and seeds and a little salt added to this and taken 3-4 times a day to get a better effect. Lemon rind contains more antioxidants and vitamin C and hence more powerful for treating diarrhea.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes are starchy and can help while your child has diarrhea. Boil the potatoes until they become soft enough for your child to consume. Give this all throughout the day. Potatoes help in hardening of the stools and soon the diarrhea will be under control.

4. Starchy Fluids

Starchy fluids too can help treat diarrhea and have the same effect as a starchy potato. Boil brown or white rice (brown rice preferred) and strain the water from the rice. This can be given all throughout the day for hardening the stools. Rice, which is thoroughly cooked, too can be included along with the rice water as this too is starchy.

5. Black Tea

Black tea has anti-inflammatory properties and can treat and soothe an upset stomach. Prepare back tea and squeeze a few drops of lemon into this. Give this 2-3 times a day to stop the discomfort and take care of the bacteria that is causing the diarrhea. It is the tannic acid that is present in black tea that eases the symptom of diarrhea in children.

6. Honey

This mild antiseptic is an excellent remedy for kids ailing with diarrhea. A teaspoon of organic honey can help deal with mild to moderate cases of diarrhea in children. Honey can also be given by adding a teaspoon of ginger or garlic juice or mixing it with a glass or water or lemon juice, whichever flavor your child prefers to take. Honey will also heal the stomach and keep it well protected from bacterial action.

7. Mustard Water

Mustard has many healing and anti inflammatory properties. Take a teaspoon of mustard and heat it in a pan. Once the mustard busts, add a glass of water to this. Allow the water to boil. Cool this mixture and strain it. Add a few drops of honey to this and give it to your child. This can be given 2-3 times  day for taking care of the diarrhea.

8. Chamomile Tea

This herbal tea can help deal with stomach infections and inflammations that cause diarrhea in children. Chamomile tea can be prepared by adding a glass of boiling water to a tablespoon of chamomile. Steep for ten minutes, cool and administer it to your child. Give it in small quantities several times a day to treat diarrhea. Chamomile will soothe the stomach and relieve the pain and inflammation associated with diarrhea.

9. Yoghurt

The live cultures in yoghurt are excellent for treating diarrhea and any other kind of stomach infection in children. Giving your child a fresh cup of yoghurt with live culture once or twice a day will help in dealing with diarrhea associated with indigestion and infection in the stomach. Yoghurt will act on the bad bacteria and prevent the diarrhea from getting aggravated.

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10. Fenugreek Seeds

Medicinal to the core, it is the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature of fenugreek seeds that help in taking care of diarrhea. Take one tablespoon of fenugreek and soak it in a cup of water. Grind them to a paste and give it to your child. If this is difficult for your child to take, boil fenugreek seeds in two cups of water. Sweeten the water with honey and give it in small quantities to take care of the problem.

11. Banana Diet

Giving your child 2-3 bananas a day will also take care of diarrhea. Bananas are known to be constipating foods and this will help in hardening the stools and relieving the child from diarrhea. Bananas work by balancing the electrolyte imbalance in the stomach due to its potassium content and the pectin, which is present in the bananas, will help in absorbing water from the stools and harden the stools, thereby stopping the diarrhea.

12. Orange Peel

Orange peel powder can be added to a glass of warm water and given to your child for treating diarrhea. Orange peel is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and help in treating stomach infections naturally. Orange peel can also be boiled if the powder is not available. Take the peel and clean it thoroughly before shredding it into pieces and boiling it with water and simmering for ten minutes. Give this water 2-3 times after sweetening it with honey and adding a few drops of lemon juice.

13. Cinnamon

Cinnamon can destroy the bacteria in the stomach and treat diarrhea and other stomach infections, Take cinnamon powder and add a teaspoon to a cup of warm water. Give it once or twice a day to treat diarrhea in children.

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