13 Home Remedies For BV Infection

Home Remedies For BV Infection

BV is caused when the vaginal canal has an alarmingly high amount of bacteria, which cause severe itching, inflammation and pain. BV can be very distressing and embarrassing for most people and can even affect children as well. The most common symptom that point towards BV is the presence of discharge that is foul smelling. BV can be treated at home with some natural remedies that are very effective in most cases. However, in some cases you might require antibiotic treatment if the symptoms do not subside.

Tips To Cure BV Infection Naturally

1. Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is a simple acidic juice that can be used for overpowering the bad bacteria in the vaginal canal. The juice can even be taken by women who are pregnant in order to prevent urinary tract infections as well. Freshly squeezed cranberry juice can be taken thrice a day or more depending on the severity of the BV infection. If you suffer from frequent bouts of BV, a glass of cranberry juice a day will keep you away from recurrent infections. Remember to use fresh and unsweetened cranberry juice in order to prevent aggravation of the symptoms.

2. Garlic Cloves

Being highly antibacterial and medicinal in nature, garlic can easily destroy the bacterial action in the body and stop the infection from getting aggravated. Take 4-5 garlic cloves everyday for destroying the bacteria in the body. For application on the vaginal canal, squeeze the juice of garlic from a few cloves after crushing it and squeezing it through a clean cotton cloth. Apply the juice in the vaginal area for destroying the bacteria in the canal.

3. Goldenseal

Infections of the body are a result of compromised immunity. When you have a weak immune system, BV can be particularly severe. In such cases, t   can be tried so that the infection can be warded off fast. Goldenseal capsules are available for consumption. Normally 500 mg capsules are taken twice a day to increase the immunity and reduce the action of the bacteria in the vaginal canal.

4. Aroma Oils

Certain powerful oils like lavender oil, apricot kernel oil and myrrh oil can be combined to form a strong oil that can be applied on the vaginal canal for reducing the bacterial action inside. These oils have very strong antibacterial properties that help in treating BV effectively. Apply this mixture every few hours to prevent the multiplication of bacteria in the vagina and also to reduce the symptoms and finally remove it completely from the system.

5. Apple Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial in nature and also helps in restoring the pH balance in the vaginal canal. Once the pH is balanced, the bacteria cannot thrive inside the vagina and will soon start to  recede. Take apple cider vinegar and dilute it with a little olive oil if you have very sensitive skin. Leave it on, with frequent reapplication to discourage the bacterial growth inside. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can also be taken internally twice a day.

6. Yoghurt

The importance of probiotics is very prominent when it comes to development of immunity and destruction of bacteria in the body. Yoghurt is one of the best solutions for treating bacterial infections. The live cultures in yoghurt help in destroying the bacteria that causes BV. For Treating BV, you may take two cups of yoghurt every day. Apply fresh and cold yoghurt on the vaginal area all throughout the day. This will help in numbing the area and preventing frequent itching along with the destruction of bacteria as well.

7. Tea Tree Essential Oil

This highly antiviral oil is an excellent home remedy for BV and other bacterial infections. Tea tree essential oil can be applied directly in the vaginal canal for instant relief from itching and burning sensation. However, this essential oil could be a little too strong for the vaginal canal and hence must be diluted with water before application in order to prevent burning of skin. Continue application several times a day for destroying the action of the bad bacteria and preventing the infection from becoming severe.

8. Echinacea

Echinacea is an immune boosting herb that can be used for increasing one’s immunity and preventing and treating infections faster than normal. Echinacea can be taken as a tea or as a tincture for boosting your immunity. Echinacea can also be taken as a tablet as per the instructions given by a herbalist. The herb improves the immune system functions, which will help the body in fighting off all infections.

9. Aloe Vera

Found in your backyard, this cooling herb has many antibacterial as well as medicinal qualities that can be used for treating an array of diseases and common skin ailments. For BV, take fresh aloe gel from the aloe plant and apply on the vaginal area. The cooling properties of aloe Vera will help relieve the burning and itching sensation immediately. With frequent application, the BV infection will start subsiding and finally will be removed completely. Take half a glass of fresh aloe gel every day internally as well to increase the efficiency of the treatment.

10. Tracheal

An ayurvedic remedy par excellence, tracheal is used extensively by ayurvedic physicians for treating BV. Tracheal tea can be prepared by taking one teaspoon of dried herb and adding it to a glass of boiling water. The herb has to be steeped for ten minutes before drinking it. You can also use this infusion for rinsing the vaginal canal after cooling it. The tea can be taken before bedtime for its action to take place all throughout the night.

11. Black Walnut

A compound known as juglone which is found in black walnut is known to be antibacterial in nature and good for treating BV. Black walnut supplements can be taken every day in the right dosage for reducing the infection and removing the discomforts associated with BV. With frequent intake, the BV will be slowly reduced and taken care of.

12. Cat’s claw

Cat’s claw works on the BV by increasing the function of the white blood cells and stimulating them to destroy the bacterial action in the vagina. The active ingredients present in cat’s claw help by acting on the bad bacteria in the body naturally and removing them without much effort.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
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