8 Home Remedies For Acne Overnight


Acne is a common disease among people of all age-groups. Acne might happen due to many reasons like hormone imbalance, digestion problem, sunlight expose, and many other. There are many processes to cure acne, but you must consider home remedies as they are natural and have zero side-effect, and easily available at home.

Best Home Remedies For Acne Overnight

1. White Eggs

If you put recently purchased white eggs for storage in the refrigerator to get fresh and put it on your face, you might notice that it has reduced scars to a greater extent or they have permanently disappeared. But do not forget to remove the yellow folks from the white portion of the eggs as white eggs have to be put on the skin.

White Eggs

2. Apply Overnight Acne Treatment

It helps to reduce acne and even permanently removes the scars, redness and dark spots from face overnight. One just needs to apply it in the prescribed manner and keep it for at least an hour. Use of soap right after washing your face with this treatment is strictly prohibited since it will make the skin rough. It is one of the leading face moisturizers for curing acne and has proved fruitful for many users.

3. Colgate – Regular Toothpaste

Applying Colgate regular toothpaste on the face for one whole night helps to recover from skin problems faster and also helps to remove blemishes and dark spots from skin. After applying Colgate regular toothpaste, it should be covered with the band-aid so that the unwanted marks and signs can be cured in minimum time.

Colgate - Regular Toothpaste

4. Lipton Tea Bag

Putting hot water on the face in the heating Lipton tea bag is a quick healing process as it compresses the spots and pimples and provides instant relaxation. It can be applied at any time during the day and should be kept for around 10-15 minutes so as to notice the wrinkles and pimples disappearing from the face.

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5. Potato Slices

Chipping hot potatoes and putting them on face will bring the spots and wrinkles from face to head quickly and allow you to take hold of your skin related problems. It is the natural treatment and also one of the most effective solutions as it provides instant result.

6. Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Gently put few drops of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda on a dish and apply it on the face. Then adding little water and putting it on face for a few minutes to rinse help to get rid of this problem and recover successfully from acne. It cleanses the skin and moreover gives instant effect.

7. Vicks Vaporub

Just like applying vicks vaporub on the head provides instant relief from pain, healing face scars from Vicks vaporub provides instant relief too. It is an effective solution and moreover an effective treatment to get rid of acne problems as it swells the pimples and face wrinkles and provides relaxation if it is regularly applied for one week.

Vicks Vaporub

8. Avoid Frequent Make-up and Washing your Face with Soap

Acne causes various skin problems and the majority of people are prone to this problem due to frequent face wash using soap, excessive make-up and even because the skin has become extremely rough. It can be cured using face wash moisturizers or facial creams, but should be used only in the quantity prescribed by the doctor. It can be cured overnight or it may take months time depending upon the scars or the acne one has developed in his face.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.