Foolproof Diet For Gout

GoutGout, symptomized by red, swollen, tender and extremely painful joints, proves to be a nightmare to the sufferer! It usually occurs at the toe joint and is popular by its much-dreaded name,“ Big Toe”. When excess uric acid is secreted in your body it forms crystalline deposits in your joints. Purines, which are chemical components of genetic material in living beings, are metabolized into uric acid.

Therefore, persons having gout should follow a purine-restricted diet, as though purines are found to a large extent in the human cells, they are found to a smaller extent in certain foods that they consume.  Another factor that needs to be addressed for persons having gout is their body weight.

Obesity aggravates gout. This is because excess body weight increases stress on the joints. The joints that are affected by gout are weak and inflamed; the excess stress on them owing to obesity worsens the malady. Essentially a gout diet should aim to control the uric acid and obesity levels of the human body.

Diet For Gout

Restrict Purine Rich Foods

Purines, which aggravate gout, are found in non-vegetarian foods. They are found in poultry, fish and meat. Purines are generally high in foods containing animal proteins. Seafood including tuna, shrimp, mackerel, lobster, scallops, anchovies and herring should be avoided.

Purine Rich Foods

Consumption of red meat such as lamb, beef and pork should also be restrained from, as these are rich sources of purine. Ideally, a daily consumption of 117-170 grams of purine-rich foods will not cause any harm.

Avoid High Fructose Foods

Fructose increases uric acid levels in the human body. Therefore its intake should be forbidden. Food products containing high- fructose corn syrup should be avoided completely.

These include high-fructose drinks such as certain beverages and fruit juices. Pure fruit juices can be, however, consumed, as they do not contain high fructose concentrates.

Restrict Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is found to inhibit the expulsion of uric acid from the body. Consumption of alcohol is seen to trigger gout attacks. Hence, one should restrict the consumption of alcohol, at least, to times other than when one is experiencing a gout attack.

Avoid Alcohol

It has been found that a couple of 5 ounce servings of wine on a daily basis, will not interfere with uric acid elimination from the body.

Avoid Foods Rich In Saturated Fats

Saturated fats impede the elimination of uric acid from the body by lowering the capacity of the body to perform this operation. Moreover, excess body fats increase obesity which aggravates gout. Hence foods containing saturated fats such as butter, dried coconut, palm oil or coconut oil, processed meats, milk chocolate, processed cheese and whipped cream should be avoided.

Avoid Saturated Fats Food

Their low-fat alternatives are now available in the markets. They can be used to substitute their high-fat counterparts. Along with them, fibrous organic foods such as beans and legumes can be served.

Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Drink Water

Fluids, particularly water, help in washing away uric acid from your body in the form of urine. Hence, these should be consumed liberally. Aim at keeping your body hydrated with 8-16 glasses (8 ounce glasses) of water per day.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.