Five Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Lose WeightWeight loss programs are incomplete without a proper, balanced diet no matter how hard you work out on a daily basis. Foods low in calories and fat are extremely effective for weight loss. This article is an easy, quick and practical guide towards an achieving an enviable body most naturally.

A balanced diet is most important for weight loss even if you are exercising vigorously every day. These foods, enlisted in the article, are low in calories and fat, and will allow you to get rid of those extra kilos, becoming the best ally in your struggle to lose weight.

Various Foods That Help You Lose Weight

Raw Fruits And Vegetables

Not only will you be able to maintain your body weight much more easily if you eat more fruits and raw vegetables, but also lose weight much faster if you follow a proper weight loss plan.

Fruits And Vegetables

You burn 20% more calories with a diet that contains mostly fruits and raw vegetables than one without fruit and vegetables. These foods contain a lot of vitamin C. Oranges, jalopies and pineapples dissolve and burn body fat so that it can be easily expelled from your body.


Oatmeal is laden with fiber which reduces your desire for food so that you can go longer without having to eat. At the same time it keeps your level of energy high.


If you consume oatmeal about an hour before a workout routine, it will supply you with more energy which will help you exercise more intensely and lose weight more rapidly. It is advisable that you eat plain oatmeal, and not the flavored ones which are high on the sugar content.

Milk Products

Dairy food products such as low-fat yogurt and cheese or foods high in calcium are known to be highly effective in weight loss if not consumed in excess. In a recently conducted study, people who consumed low-fat milk products at least three times per day lost seventy percent more fat than those who had a diet low in dairy.

Milk Products

Scientists are also of the opinion that foods with high calcium content suppress calcitriol, which is a hormone that makes fat cells larger.


Adding spices to your meals such as chili pepper, jalapeno and red peppers will help increase your metabolism. You will burn more fat (up to 25% more in three hours) after consuming these spices. Studies have shown that spices can escalate your fat burning metabolic rate significantly.

By adding merely 2-3 grams of chili pepper to your food you can burn 50 calories extra. Spicy mustard too makes people burn 50 to 80 extra calories in a period of three hours.


Fish is extremely low in fat as well as calories. It is very nutritious too. If you feel you are missing out on meat following your weight loss diet, fish is the perfect substitute. Fish such as salmon and trout are good for your heart too.

Eating Fish

However, preparation of the fish is important. Make you sure you’re not frying the fish in the course of its preparation as it adds a substantial amount of unnecessary fat. Grilled fish is highly recommended for weight loss.


Losing weight is not easy. Health experts are of the opinion that losing weight is not about eating less, but eating healthy. Foods low in calorie and fat will go a long way in helping you achieve the body of your dreams.

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