Five Best Home Remedies For Nose Bleeding

Nose bleedingContrary to the normal belief, the best way of stopping a nosebleed is not by holding the head back. This will only lead to nausea by swallowing the blood. It may also lead to cough, gag or choking and hence, this remedy must be avoided.

Swallowed blood may cause irritation of stomach, resulting in vomiting that tends to worse the condition, by causing more of nosebleeds. Spit out any blood that may gather in throat and mouth, rather than gulping it down. Alternatively, one should sit straight with head tilted a little forward to prevent flowing of blood down the throat.

Moreover, one should avoid lying down on the back, when nosebleed is there. Usually, a nosebleed is not a serious issue and can be stopped within a few minutes, but those, who have it frequently, may find it quite unnerving. But, there are ways to counter them at home itself.

Simple Home Remedies For Stopping Nose Bleeding

Keep Head Cool

The commonest solution applied by many for stopping nosebleeds is, by keeping the head cool. It is considered that nose bleeds happen when head gets heated up, especially during hot weathers. By dabbing cold water over the head and forehead, nosebleeds tend to stop within a few seconds.

Pinch The Nostrils

Using the forefinger and thumb, pinch the nostrils to close them firmly for 10 minutes. This will put pressure over the nostrils to slow nose bleed, but be careful, not to pinch and cause a discomfort to nose. Applied pressure reduces the blood flow and constricts the blood vessels, thereby, reducing nose bleed that may get stopped completely.

Pinch The Nostrils

After 10 minutes, if nose bleeding has not discontinued, repeat it again for next 10 minutes. In case, even after twenty minutes pressure, bleed does not stop, it is better to consult the doctor.

Sit With Head Forward

As soon as nosebleeds happen, be calm and sit straight with head tilted a little forward. Keep breathing more and more through mouth. Avoid putting the head in backward position or lying down on the back. Turn on the fan or air conditioner as per the weather condition to comfort oneself from any heat stroke that might have occurred.

Blow Your Nose Gently

Blow the nose very gently, to expel out any blood clots that hinders the natural sealing of blood vessels of the nostrils. If blood clots are removed, one may instantly find that nose bleed has stopped, within a few seconds only.

Ice Pack Application

When nosebleed is the result of a blow to the nostrils, ice application will be useful in reducing the swelling and bleeding. Ice will help in clotting of blood much faster.

Ice pack

One can use ice cubes wrapped in a towel or handkerchief and then rest it over the nostrils and nose. This will constrict the blood vessels of nostrils and stops the blood flow.

Home Treatment For Nosebleeds In Children

A child with nosebleed should be helped to keep calm and comforted as crying will further increase the blood flow to nose and face, making situation worse. Handle the situation in a cool and relaxed manner, by just being more affectionate towards the child. Check for anything that might have been inserted inside the nostrils, causing the blood flow. In case, some injury has been caused, apply cold packs to heal it and stop the nose bleeding.
In case, nose bleeds happen for more than four times in a week and become more severe and frequent. It is time to get the problem properly diagnosed, by the specialist and find a permanent solution for the same.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.