5 Excellent Herbal Remedies For GERD

 Remedies For GERD

Gerd is commonly known as gastroesophageal reflux disease. When the gastric acids and the liquid food from the stomach rise upwards and reflux back into the esophagus, there is burning in the throat and chest. This is known as gerd. The esophagus which is located near the heart conveys the food from the mouth to the stomach.

This tube has a ring of muscles at its lower end that open and close like a valve. This lower end is attached to the stomach and if the valve does not close fully, the contents of the stomach tend to leak back into the esophagus. The acid from the stomach irritates and inflames the esophagus causing burning in the throat and chest and a bitter and sour taste in the mouth.

Occasional reflux is not a serious threat to health but if gerd persists for a long time then it can corrode the lining in the esophagus. Unhealthy food, unhealthy lifestyle, alcohol and smoking and too much caffeine can lead to gerd.

5 Herbal Remedies For Gerd


Fenugreek or methi has been used for culinary as well as medicinal purposes since centuries. This herb is very good for all kinds of stomach disorders. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and strength giving properties.


It aids digestion and ensures the proper assimilation of nutrients from the food. It gives a protective coating to the esophagus and eliminates the burning sensation. Swallow a teaspoon of methi seeds with some water in the morning.

Anise Tea

Anise has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that take care of innumerable diseases and ailments. It also has potent digestive and carminative properties which reduce the acid in the stomach and prevent it from being refluxed.

Anise Tea

Drink a cup of anise tea after every meal to keep your whole digestive system well functioning. You can prepare the tea by boiling a teaspoon of anise in a cup of water for a minute or two. Then filter the decoction, add some sugar and drink.

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Licorice has a vast store of medicinal values that are very useful in treating and curing a huge number of diseases and ailments. Its strong antioxidant properties breakdown the food in the stomach, regulate the acid level and prevent the excess formation of gases.


It also provides a protective coating to the esophagus and the stomach. Pound the root and boil it in a cup of water for five minutes after which strain the tea and drink once daily.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a traditional herbal remedy and an integral part of the home medicine cabinet. It is alkaline in nature and helps to neutralize the acid in the stomach.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It alleviates the burning in the chest and throat instantly. Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with some water and drink it before a meal everyday.


This herb is very valuable for gerd. It has a cooling effect on the stomach and calms the acidic activity. It also aids digestion and promotes a sense of well being. Grind fresh pudina leaves to a fine paste. Mix one teaspoon of this paste with a cup of homemade curd. Add one teaspoon of sugar and eat it twice daily.


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