6 Effective Ways To Treat Arthritis

Arthritis is the inflammation of the joint and is a chronic disease which affects certain joints of the body or all the joints of the body. The inflammation in the joints causes pain and stiffness of the joint and at times it impairs the mobility of the person.

Usually arthritis affects elderly people of  40 years and more and such type of arthritis is called osteoarthritis which develops due to the wear and tear of the bones in the joint or due to the structural changes that happens to the cartilage in between the joints. It’s a degenerative disease that develops mainly in the knees and spines and cause severe pain.

Another type of arthritis called rheumatoid arthritis is an auto immune disease that develops due to the inflammation and thickening of the synovial membrane that lines the joints and it affects not only the joints of the hips, fingers, knees, wrist and feet but also the tendons, muscles, ligaments and other tissues in the body. This type of arthritis affects people of any age and is more disastrous. There is no permanent cure for arthritis but with certain treatment it can be controlled and further degeneration of joints and tissues can be prevented. Home remedies for arthritis are highly effective and won’t produce any side effects as that of the allopathic medications.

Treat Arthritis with Potato Juice

Potato juice is a rich source of calcium, vitamin b, a, c, potassium, iron, alkaline salts etc and it has good anti-inflammatory properties and plays a key role in eliminating the acidic condition of the digestive system. Because of these properties, raw potato juice is widely used for treating arthritis but while choosing the potatoes care should be taken to discard the potatoes with black spot and green potatoes as they may have toxic contents.

Potato Juice

Alkaline nature of raw potato juice dissolves the deposits accumulated around the joints and other tissues and facilitates the smooth movement of the joints. Potato juice can be extracted by thinly slice an intermediate sized potato without peeling off the skin and then immersing them in a glass of water for overnight. Next day morning this water should be taken in empty stomach. Or fresh juice can be extracted from raw potato but it’s hard to take the juice as such so mix it with half glass of water or other vegetable juices extracted from cucumber, carrot, radish etc or with honey and fresh lemon juice. It should be followed for a fortnight and then repeat after a seven days break for another fortnight. This will cause considerable difference in the symptoms of arthritis and improves the mobility of the person to a great extent.

Treat Arthritis with Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds contain calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, vitamin b1, e etc. The high amount of calcium and copper makes sesame an ideal remedy for arthritis. In order to get the best benefits from sesame soak one teaspoon seeds of black sesame in quarter cup of water and keep it overnight. Take these seeds along with the water in the next day morning and this helps to reduce the frequent joint pains associated with arthritis. Sesame oil is also used for massaging the affected joints and this helps to relieve the pain.

Sesame Seeds

Treat Arthritis with Castor Oil

Castor oil relieves the pain, inflammation, swelling, flatulence and increases the lymphatic circulation and the action of gall bladder and liver and helps to detoxify the body. Castor oil can be taken either orally or can be applied topically on the affected areas to get relief from the arthritis.

Castor Oil

For topical application heat the oil slightly and apply it on the affected areas in circular as well as up and down strokes and wrap the area with a cotton cloth. Keep it overnight to encourage maximum absorption. Castor if taken orally acts as a laxative and detoxifies the body and thereby fortifies the immune system and help to reverse the autoimmune disease. Boil two tablespoon castor oil and mix it with a glass of fresh orange juice and should be taken as the first item in the morning. Patients need to follow this for three weeks and then take a break for another three weeks before repeating the treatment again. While adopting this treatment the patient should follow an alkaline diet to get maximum benefits.

Treat Arthritis with Garlic

Garlic has immense anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties which help to reduce the pain and inflammation in the joint by inhibiting the formation of free radicals that can damage the joints. Hence garlic should  be consumed either raw or cooked form to get relief from arthritis.  Powder two grams of Spraguea and four peeled cloves of garlic and combine them with 30 grams of mustard oil and heat this mixture slightly. Use this oil to massage the affected areas daily to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis.


Treat Arthritis with Omega 3 fatty Acids

These essential fatty acids are obtained from fish, borage seed oil, flax seed oil etc and they reduces the inflammation and increases the blood circulation. EPA and DHA are omega 3 fatty acids that help to reduce the stiffness and pain in the joint.

Omega 3 fatty Acids

Treat Arthritis with Lime

Certain types of arthritis are caused due to the accumulation of uric acid in the joints and lime is highly beneficial for dissolving these uric acid accumulations. Take either juice extracted from a fresh lime mixed with a glass of water or two teaspoon of lime juice mixed with one teaspoon of honey in a glass of luke warm water daily in the morning and evening.


In order to get rid of the symptoms of arthritis patients can follow a diet that brings forth alkalinity in blood. The diet should include raw vegetables and fruits and should at the least  include two cooked vegetables. If the symptoms are severe the patients is recommended to follow a raw vegetable juice therapy for a week. Raw juice fasts should be repeated in every two months to get the best result. Besides following a diet, arthritis patients have to practice exercises and yoga that improves the flexibility and mobility of the joints coupled with rest.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.