Effective Natural Cures For Sunburn In Summers

The summer is here with its sunny side up! As much as we love that sun kissed look on our faces, the burns definitely spoil the fervour of this season. No matter how careful you are, the burns seem to find their way to your arms and face rather easily.


If the loads of sunscreen, scarves and gloves are not helping you then read on and find the way to treat these sunburns naturally and at the comfort of your home. We will introduce you to simple ingredients and simpler ways of using them to give you well hydrated, moisturised and gorgeous skin this summer!

Natural Cures For Sunburn In Summers

Cold Compress

Cold compress is the first step in treating the sun burns. It does not actually heal the burns but provides instant relief to your skin. It closes the pores and prevents further damage. You can make cold compress at home by wrapping ice cubes in a cotton handkerchief. Wait for a few seconds for the ice to melt a little. Now apply to your face. Do not rub, just touch it to your skin for relief. This treatment can make your skin a little dry, so apply a light moisturiser to your face before you start it.

Ones your face cools down and the redness goes down a little bit, then you can either leave it to that or use other sunburn treatments. Instead of using ice, you can also use water with melted ice. Immerse a piece of cloth and leave it on your skin until it attains room temperature. Keep repeating for about half an hour.

Cold Compress


We have all heard of wonderful benefits that yogurt provides. In summers, yoghurt drinks are very popular amongst the masses and becomes an essential part of the meals. However, external application of yogurt is also tremendously helpful in treating sunburns. Yoghurt works in two ways –  it soothes the skin with its cooling property and moisturises with the fat content. Yoghurt is also anti-fungal in nature and restores the balance of good bacteria and yeast on the skin as well as in the body.

The humidity and resultant sweating poses high chances of contracting fungal infection during summers in tropical regions. Consumption as well as skin application of yoghurt helps in avoiding the infection. Yoghurt also creates a thin film on the skin to protect it from further sun damage. Treat your skin with yoghurt every time you are required to be outdoors for a long time. Repeat it when you get back.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a wonder herb. Like yoghurt this also helps the body both by oral consumption and external application. Aloe Vera is known for it moisturising effects on the skin and anti-inflammatory nature. It lends glow and suppleness to an otherwise dull skin quite instantaneously.

Aloe Vera is a cooling herb. Just take a sprig and cut through it. Extract and collect the watery gel and juice in a bowl. Apply it on the sunburnt skin. There is no need of washing it off as it gets absorbed by the skin very quickly and effectively. If you must wash, then let it dry and re- apply. Repeat this process for an hour and then wash off with cool water. You can use Aloe Vera right before you sleep, so that it cools and repairs the skin during the night.

Aloe Vera Gel


Tomatoes are considered very effective on tan as well as sunburn. Make sure the tomato you use for application on the skin is ripe and sweet. Acid in sour tomatoes can pinch the skin and hurt you if you have blisters on the skin. Extract tomato pulp and apply it on the affected skin. It will absorb heat and relieve the skin from the burns. Do it everyday ones in a day. You will notice that along with the burns the tan has also disappeared. Regular use of tomato will also help you avoid the tan lines on the face.



Prepare  tea in boiling water. Cool the tea and refrigerate it. Apply this tea on your face with a cotton swab for relief from burns. Tea has tannic acid which helps in healing the burns.

Tea is also an anti-oxidant and therefore cleanses the skin of the toxins thoroughly. It also ensures that the blisters or cuts due to burn do not get infected. However, avoid using a tea which is more than a day old. Fresh tea is best used on skin. As the tea gets stale it begins to lose its nutrients. You can also use ice soaked tea bags directly on the burnt area and it will work as well as the tea itself. Green tea and chamomile tea are considered best for sunburns as both of them are high on anti-oxidants and gentle on skin.


Fruit Juices

At times the sunburns on the surface of the skin is not the only damage that skin might have suffered. The damage is very quick to penetrate through the skin. This becomes particularly worrisome as you would easily get sunburnt as soon as you go outside any shelter or shade. Therefore, consuming fruit juices can help you immensely.

These juices will not only cool down the body but also repair the damaged tissue inside the skin. Water also helps in this process but it is mostly useful in hydration of the skin and not its repair. Fruits like orange, lime, pomegranate are very rich in vitamin C and have high levels of anti-oxidants in them.

Fruits juices

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber has cooling effects on the body. Extract its juice or just blend it in a mixer to obtain a pulpy consistency. Alternatively slice it really thin and apply on the affected skin.

And let it dry. Repeat this application for about an hour. The soreness of the skin should go away by the end of this treatment. For instant relief, use a refrigerated cucumber. The pulp of the cucumber can be just smeared on the face and cover it with a thin cloth so that it compresses the skin.

So use these wonderful natural cures for sunburn and say hello to summers in your most cheerful avatar. Step out and radiate!

Cucumber Juice

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.