6 Amazing Home Remedies For Open Pores

Home Remedies For Open Pores

A beautiful face may be marred by large open pores. You may look beautiful from a distance, and your boyfriend may admire you, but when he comes closer he complaints – hey, you have pores. You are heartbroken. But no! there are ways to treat this. However, prevention is better than cure. Some of you are predisposed to having large open pores due to heredity, oily skin or environmental factors.

If you are one of them then you should not wait for the pores to open up. You should start treatment before they do. In fact it is better to start taking care of the skin especially in your face before puberty or as soon as you reach puberty. This may help you to prevent it in the first place. To prevent recurrence of open pores elsewhere in your face you need to know why pores form. If you have oily skin there is constant oozing of oil.

You may be washing your face, but some of the oil is getting deposited and hardened. This is leading to clogging of the pores which results in loss of elasticity of the pores. This ultimately leads to open pores. But this does not mean that those with dry skin are not at risk. They too can have open pores. There are other causes too such as hormonal changes, age, genetics, nutrition, stress or even some underlying health disease.

However, you are now caught with the problem, and it needs a cure. You will be pleased to know that you do not need expensive cosmetic surgery or other treatments to cure these pores. There are a lot of home remedies for open pores. Let us discuss some of these home remedies.

Home Remedies For Open Pores

1. Cleanse And Apply Some Ice

Cleanse your face with only mild face wash. After this rub some ice over the areas. Ice has the property to shrink vessels and muscles. This can close the pores for some time. But you must understand that this is a temporary relief and the pores may open up again. So when you need to attend a party or a meeting do this and get rid of pores.

2. Lemon

Lemon juice is astringent in nature and it has been seen that this helps to close the pores. It also cleans up the debris and that may help somewhat in constricting the pores.  Moreover it can absorb some of the oil. Because of all these qualities it can tighten up your skin to some extent and that may lead to smaller pores and brighter skin. However, if your skin is allergic to lemon you cannot use this.

3. Papaya

It has been seen that enzymes in papaya are able to shrink the pores. It also removes dead skin, excess oil and unclog pores thereby removing the obstacle for the pores to become smaller.

4. Oatmeal And Tomato

This cure all item has been found to be a good cure for open pores too. Oats are found to have high absorption capacity, and can cleanse, soothe and exfoliate the skin like nothing else. Moreover, it suits all types of skin. On the other hand tomato is highly astringent in character. It can also be used to purge the skin of deposit of oil and sebaceous. A combination of oatmeal and tomato is a very good remedy against skin pores. Make a face pack with oatmeal and tomato and apply on the whole face. Wash off after about an hour. This will give you shiny and smooth skin as well as lessen the pores.

5. Brewers Yeast And Lemon

Brewers yeast has a cleansing effect on the skin due to its high content of proteins and minerals. For this reason it is used in preparing face mask to close open pores. Make a paste of this yeast with water and prepare a putty. Apply this putty on the open pores and let it sit there for some time. After some time wash off the yeast. You can combine it with lemon which is astringent in character and can help in exfoliating and absorbing some oil. The combination of yeast and lemon can be quite effective against open pores.

6. Yogurt And Honey

Yogurt contains lactic acid which can exfoliate the skin and cleanse the pores. On the other hand honey is high in potassium which is helpful in killing bacteria which clogs the pores. It also tightens the skin. So make a mask with yogurt and honey and apply on the pores. This will cleanse the pores thoroughly and constrict the pores. Your skin will become more smooth, soft and pores will be less visible.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.