Effective Natural Cures For Colic

Effective Natural Cures For ColicParents whose babies suffer from colic can tell you that is the most exasperating experience ever. It is bad enough to see your baby writhe in pain. On top of that coping with the baby’s non-stop and incessant crying can test any parent’s sanity. Colic occurs in young infants and is very common. Immature stomachs and incorrect feeding habits are the primary causes of colic. Despite this, parents can avail from the countless natural cures to alleviate colic in their babies. Here are some of the natural cures for colic.

How to Treat Colic Naturally


There is a high chance that you are feeding the baby something that is not suiting him/her. Bottle fed babies are more prone to colic. Switch to another infant formula if the current one is not suiting the baby. Check your own diet for culinary culprits.

There could be something in your breast milk, which the baby is allergic to. Eliminate offending foods like beans, broccoli, cabbage, chocolates, tomatoes and caffeine as these can make the baby slightly allergic.

Aromatherapy Bath and Massage

A baby can immensely benefit from a hot bath. Put a few drops of lavender oil to the baby’s bath and give him/her a luxurious bath. Before bathing the baby, make sure you massage him/her well.

Effective Natural Cures For Colic

You can do this by applying coconut oil or any soothing oil. Gently massage the baby’s tummy in circular motions. This helps to eliminate gas from the stomach and prevents colic from occurring.


Always keep the baby warm and swaddled in a blanket. Babies feel cosy and comforted when swaddled and snuggled close to the chest. In any case, exposure to cold air can exacerbate symptoms of colic so make sure that your baby is always kept warm.


Use motion to soothe the baby. A gentle rocking motion can lull cranky babies to sleep. You can also try a different set of arms to help soothe your baby. You can put a baby in a carrier or a pram as another alternative. Sitting with the baby in a rocking chair may also help to ease symptoms of colic.

Take Your Baby off Cow’s Milk

If you have been giving your baby cow’s milk, it will be a good idea to take the child off it. This is because most babies cannot digest cow’s milk and may react adversely to it. Start the baby on cow’s milk only after the age of one.

Let crying babies cry

Another reason why some babies cry incessantly is due to fatigue and over stimulation. Sometimes it is a good idea to just let the baby be.

Effective Natural Cures For Colic

Take a break of 20 minutes by putting your crying baby in the cot. Eventually the baby will go off to sleep or stop crying after some time.


Try asoefitida as it helps to instantly cure colic. Take half a teaspoon of asafoetida in a few tablespoons of water and allow it to boil. Wait for it to slightly cool down. Now with the help of cotton, simply rub the asafoetida all over your baby’s stomach. You will find that your baby gets immediate relief and will stop crying.

Carom Seeds

You can try this simple home remedy to cure colic. Soak some carom seeds in warm water overnight and strain it as soon as you get up in the morning. Now feed this water to your baby. Give the baby no more than a couple of teaspoons. Your baby will have hassle free digestion and will not suffer from colic.

Warm compresses and Hot Water Bottles

You can try some warm compresses or hot water bottles. Place them on your baby’s tummy gently. The heat from the compress or the bottle will help to ease the colic. Make sure that the bottle is not too hot otherwise; it will scald your baby’s skin. Wrap the bottle first in a thin towel before placing it on your baby’s tummy.

Try a Change in Posture

Put the baby on your lap with his/her head facing down and gently pat and rub his/her back. This helps to eliminate the colic. Any built up gas in the stomach will also dissipate.

Burping the Baby Correctly

It is very important for all mothers to burp their babies after every feed. Try the face down position or take the baby on your shoulder and gently pat or rub his/her back. Burping the baby must be done after every feed to ensure that there are no gas pockets in the stomach.

Provide a Pacifier

In very severe cases of colic, you can try giving the baby a pacifier in the form of a nipple or a teething ring. Just the sensation of sucking on something can help to soothe the baby and make him/her stop crying.

Take a Break

If the colic gets bad, ask someone else in the family to take over while you take a break. It is ok to switch off and take breaks in between bouts of crying. This will help to keep things in perspective.

Feed Correctly

Make sure that you are feeding your baby in the correct position. Ideally, you should be sitting upright with the baby in your arms and his/her head tilted towards your breast. Some women, however, prefer to feed the baby in a side lying position. This is one reason why colic occurs because there are greater chances of swallowing air and gas being formed in the stomach.

Wait it Out

The best natural cue for colic is to wait it out especially after you have tried the above cures. Colic does not last long and in most babies, it subsides after a few hours. If you have the patience, your baby will eventually tire of crying and you will get the much-needed respite from your baby’s cries.

Talk to the Doctor

Effective Natural Cures For Colic

Get in touch with your paediatrician who will help to give you sound advice and helpful tips to help you cope better with your baby’s colic. If you find that the condition is serious, make sure you share your concerns with the doctor.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.