Effective Home Remedies For Fleas

fleas biteIf your house is under flea watch. Beware! because it harms your health in the equal measure as your pets. If you have any infants so take quick action to cure the flea break out to not let the matter worse.

Only better if you pitch for home remedies to knock down the fleas. Using herbal and homely products for its cure is ideal because these are not harsh on your health also.

How Flea Bites Harm

If you’ve ever seen a dog suffering from lots of flea bites, then you have an idea of how uncomfortable your dog will become if you don’t treat the fleas on your dog right away.

Not only your pet but the other furniture and furry belongings are also magnet to fleas. Studies suggest that your pet has only 5 percent of the entire amount of fleas you have in your house.

Not only your house but the earth and soil in the outdoors are also likely to grow fleas. To raise a battle against fleas, you need to start working now. In case your dog has fleas, he’s seen restless and uncomfortable and the infection channels in you.

Urgent Precaution

Take warlike precaution if you have infants. A quick treatment is an antidote to further regrets. As 95 percent of fleas reside in your furniture and house, routine use of vacuum is very important. Vacuum needs to be teamed up with some insecticides to first kill the fleas then uproot those. Natural insecticides have two fold benefits.

Sometimes when chemicals refuse to work, it works and of course it isn’t harmful on you and your pet’s health by any means. You can go about washing your dog frequently, if not daily and there are some other natural way outs of this problem with fleas also. Because fleas are nothing but insects, they are pretty much adversely affected by insecticides. Below are some instructions:

Best Home Remedies For Fleas

Boric Acid

boric acid

Wherever your dog wanders about make sure to sprinkle Boric acid there. It is a natural insecticide and thus not harmful on your health. It is known to bring the fluid out of the larvae and weakening those from inside. Leave it overnight followed by using a vacuum for sweeping it off!

Diatomaceous Earth

In the same manner, use Diatomaceous Earth. Sprinkle on your dog and massage then brush off after overnight. Sprinkle some on the thick and furry things followed by a vacuum sweep off.

Cedar Oil

Cedar oil comes with anti-bacterial potentials yet a no-harsh method.

Rosemary Leaves

rosemary leaves

2 Rosemary leaves boiled into 2 cups of water and extra 6 cups of water added in the aftermath and being added to the dog’s bath water in a few drops when cool yields a weighty effect on fleas.

Table Salt

Simply dust some table salt all over the carpet and rugs leaving it for a week then vacuum off.

Lemon Spray

To make lemon spray, cut the lemon into four pieces and dip them into a jar full of water leaving them soak overnight. Pour the spray in a spray bottle and spray it on your dog, all around.

lemon spray

This way you can keep the fleas at bay. Make sure a daily use of lemon spray. Wash your dog’s belongings in fewer gaps.


Vacuum the furniture, carpets rugs and other furry things regularly so that there is no break out of fleas.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.