Easy Home Remedies For Dysentery

DysenteryThere are many diseases that you can get from unhealthy eating habits. One such disease is Dysentery or commonly known as loose motion. It is characterized by acute pain in the stomach and passing or semi liquid or mucous filled stools.

Dysentery can make a person very weak because it drains out the essential nutrients such as the electrolytes from his or her body. It is better to treat dysentery at home but if the situation gets worse you can always consult physician. In this article you will come across several ways to treat dysentery at home. These are easy to do and very effective.

Home Remedies For Dysentery

Take Rice And Porridge

This will not appear very tasty but you need to have rice and porridge if you are suffering from dysentery. You need to eat light and stay away from heavy, oily food products.

Take Bel Juice

Bel has many important properties. One of its benefits is that it can help in curing your upset tummy. You need to prepare a juice made out of its pulp and take in directly.

Bel Juice

You can also add 250 ml of water or buttermilk or jaggery if you do not wish to take it directly. This will cool your stomach and also lessen the dysentery motions.

Take Orange Juice And Water

Orange juice and water will help in curing your dysentery symptoms to a great extent. You need to stay in a diet of orange juice and water only till your stomach feels good. If you don’t like orange juice you can switch to buttermilk that will help in stabilizing your intestinal bacteria.

Take Pomegranate Rind

You can also go for pomegranate rind as another good remedy for treating dysentery. You need to take about 60 gm of the pomegranate rind and put it to boil with 250 ml of milk. When one-third of the milk gets evaporated you need to take it off the gas and let it to cool.

Pomegranate Rind

Strain the mixture and administer it to the sick person. You need to do it in regular intervals. This homely remedy of pomegranate rind will help you get rid of the disease quite early.

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Take Lemon Juice Regularly

Lemon juice can be taken as an effective remedy while dealing with dysentery. It is very effective as it is rich in vitamin C. You need to peel three lemons and then slice them. This is to be put in 250 ml of water and left to boil for a couple of minutes. You can then strain the mixture and take it on a regular basis when you have dysentery.

Ribbed Gourd Seeds

Gourd Seeds are used for many purposes. It can also be used in treating dysentery. The seeds of ribbed gourd are known to contain a chemical similar to emetine. For this reason these seeds can be used in treating symptoms of acute amoebic dysentery. You can prepare a mixture using a small quantity of the seeds with one cup of buttermilk. This needs to be taken twice daily for good results in case of acute dysentery.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.