Diet Tips For Mothers After A Cesarean Delivery

Cesarean DeliveryA Cesarean delivery may be painless for the mother as far as the birth pain trauma is concerned.  However, this mode of giving birth comes with its own complications that need to be addressed by taking a diet that is especially recommended for such conditions.

The diet of the mother should be oriented towards healing the wound of the Cesarean fast and safely. It should also be focused on providing adequate nutrition to the young baby through breast milk.

Healthy Diets For A Cesarean Delivery Mother



Water and fruit juices are of high importance to a woman who has delivered in the C-section mode, taking into consideration the fluid loss of the body during the surgery she had to undergo during delivery.


Women may lose a lot of blood during a C-section surgery, which results in loss of a significant amount of iron from the blood. Hence, they need to replenish the lost iron by eating foods that are rich in this metal.

Spinach, red meat, seafood, beans, peanuts, pecans and potato are some foods that contain a good percentage of iron which can compensate for the lost iron in your body.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important for women who have undergone a C-section surgery, as it is essential for repairing the tissues that were during this surgery.

vitamin c


It also helps in the development of collagen which is used for building new tendons, scar tissues, blood vessels and fresh skin. Apart from citrus fruits and tomatoes, vitamin C is found in broccoli, sweet potatoes and peppers.


Protein helps in healing the old tissues and building new tissue in women who have undergone the C-section surgery. Hence, it is very important to include it in the diet of such women.

Eggs and lean meat are an excellent source of protein for the non-vegetarians. But the vegetarians too have a wide choice of protein-rich foods to choose from. Garbanzo beans, peanuts, tofu, pecans, milk, yogurt, cheese avocado, broccoli and spinach are some of foods that are rich in proteins.


Foods containing fiber are recommended for women who have undergone the C-section surgery to prevent constipation, which may result in stress on the surgical stitches on the womb.


Fruits such as raspberries, banana, pears, apples; whole wheat grains pasta and bread; peas, beans, and lentils; and vegetables like artichoke and green peas are some of the high-fiber foods that can be included in the diet. Fruits with edible skins should be eaten with their skins for providing more roughage to the digestive system for easy bowel movement.

Junk Foods

Junk foods such as potato chips, high calorie burgers and high calorie desserts are best avoided, as they add to undesired weight to the Cesarean delivery mothers. Hence, these foods should be avoided.

Junk Foods

However, healthier versions of these foods such as baked chips and burgers made with low-calorie and fresh ingredients such as cottage cheese and salad vegetables can be tried in place of their calorie-dense and unhealthy counterparts.

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