Commonly Recommended Diet To Shrink Uterine Fibroids

Uterine FibroidsUterine fibroids are certainly great trouble makers, but they are not ominous! A fibroid can cause heavy bleeding or prolonged bleeding during your periods. It can also give rise to backache or leg pain. You can also feel the urge to urinate frequently or have difficulty in emptying your bladder. You should not be scared of these symptoms as this uterine growth is never going to turn into uterine cancer.

However, that does not mean that you are going to leave it untreated, right?  Hormonal medications, non-invasive ultrasound surgery, minimal invasive surgery, and conventional surgery are some of the medical procedures that are used to treat uterine fibroids.  Dietary remedies are also available for treating uterine fibroids. Typically, uterine fibroids are caused by estrogen dominance in a woman’s body, which may be due to environmental factors such as usage of birth control pills, or hormone replacement therapy. In order to shrink the fibroids, one should aim at lowering the estrogen levels in her body. The dietary method of doing this is to have foods that are not rich in estrogen, and also having those that reduce the levels of estrogen in the body to normal.

7 Awesome Dietary Treatment Options For Uterine Fibroids

Eat Whole Organic Foods

Whole organic foods help in liver detoxification for better estrogen metabolism.  The organic food, rich in fiber also helps in relieving pelvic congestion which aggravates uterine fibroids.

Whole Organic Foods

Whole wheat organic breads, fruits and vegetables boost the performance of the liver and reduce pelvic congestion. These foods should be consumed in abundance.

Avoid Processed Foods

Chemicals, additives and preservatives from processed foods encourage the formation of uterine fibroids. These foods also help in increasing pelvic congestion.

 Avoid Processed Foods

Hence, these should be avoided. Breads made of refined flour, and foods containing refined sugar are the ones that are very detrimental for this condition. Processed foods also contribute to obesity, which aggravates uterine fibroids.


Zinc helps in restoring hormonal balance and in tissue repair. Therefore, it is beneficial in shrinking uterine fibroids. Oysters,  lamb, beef, wheat germ, spinach, nuts, cocoa, pork, chicken and mushrooms are all high in zinc.

Phytoestrogen Rich Foods

Foods that are rich in phytoestrogens protect the body from the harmful effects of estrogen, and thereby prevent or discourage the formation or growth of uterine fibroids.

Phytoestrogen Rich Foods

Chickpeas, soy, lentils, alfalfa, linseed and red clover are all natural food products that are rich in phytoestrogens. These foods can be included in your daily menu.

Avoid Fatty Meat

Meats that are high in fat can be avoided, as these foods increase the swelling in tissues and irritation of fibroids. Red meat should be avoided, as it is rich in saturated fats.

Foods High In B Vitamins

Foods that are high in B vitamins are recommended for persons with uterine fibroids. This is because B vitamins boost the power of the liver to metabolize excess estrogen into less harmful forms.

Vitamin B Food

It also prevents tissue inflammation.  Fruits, vegetables, whole grain breads and eggs are good sources of B vitamins.


Some herbs are also effective in shrinking uterine fibroids. Poke, Thuja, Damiana, Calendula are herbs that are known to shrink the uterine fibroids while Ladies Mantle, Chastetree, Paeonia-licorice help in the restoration of hormonal balance.

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