Best Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women

Yoga Poses For Pregnant WomenDuring pregnancy, every woman wants to remain fit and healthy. But they are restricted to perform stressful physical exercise which may harm the fetus. In this situation, every pregnant woman seeks an alternative which provide work out to the entire body that remain harmless for the growing fetus at the same time.

What would be a better solution for them other than yoga? Yes, there are many yoga poses which are gentle and of course safe for the baby. If you are pregnant and looking for such poses then this article may be a one-stop solution for you. Here are some yoga poses recommended for pregnant women that are safe and confirms a painless delivery.

Yoga Poses For Pregnant Women


Utkatasana is also known as chair pose in common language. This pose improves blood circulation around pelvic region. In order to perform this pose, stand straight keeping your feet 12 inches apart.


While inhaling lift your arms at shoulder level. Exhale and sit up in a squat pose on your toes. If you find it difficult to stand on your toes then simply stand keeping the feet flat on the floor. Now inhale and stand up on your toes. Then exhale and keep your hand and feet down standing in a normal position.


Commonly known as twisted pose, it stresses on spine, neck, and legs while providing a gentle massage to the abdominal area. To perform this pose, sit straight with your legs stretched in the front. While inhaling, lift your arms to shoulder level. Exhale and raise your right leg towards left, hold the right leg with your left arm. Twist the upper part of the body towards right along your head and hand. Stretch the right arm backward. Hold the pose until few breaths and then come to normal position. Repeat it to the other side.


This pose is widely known as angle pose that strengthen the waist while controlling the fat deposit in the waist area. It is very simple to perform this pose. Stand upright with keeping your feet 24 inches away. If you want, take a support of the wall.


Maintaining a straight elbow, lift your right hand. While inhaling, stretching your body upward and bend towards your left side. Release the pose while exhaling and lowering down the hand. Similarly, repeat the pose at other side.

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Paryankasana is also commonly called as ham’s pose with one leg. It focus on the pelvic, abdominal, and thigh muscles. This pose support and strengthened these regions. To practice paryankasana, lie down on your back, with erect legs keeping the knees together. Fold the right knee towards your posterior. Take few breaths at this position until you feel comfortable. Then release the pose and repeat similarly at the other side.


Bhadrasana is popularly known as butterfly pose. This is a simple yet effective pose that strengthen the pelvic and leg muscles. Sit on the floor with stretch legs.


Let the legs touch the floor and bend your knees to form ‘Namaste’ with your feet. Make sure the back is straight and place the hands on the thigh. Remain in this position until you feel comfortable. Release the pose and repeat it again if you like.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.