Best Vitamins For Cold And Flu

Cold And FluThe health of a human being is very important and it is only because of this reason that there are various vitamins for cold and flu that have been recommended by the doctors. People who are in the habit of taking these vitamins on a daily basis are said to be the least sufferers of cold and flu. Cold and flu is something that is quite irritating and can also turn to be dangerous for the health if it’s not taken care of properly.

People should be aware of the necessary vitamins and the minerals that can be taken to avoid the symptoms of cold and flu and even to keep cold and flu away from the reach of the body. The following vitamins can be brought into effective use in order to eradicate cold and flu from its very roots. The vitamins are as follows:

Vitamins For Cold And Flu

Vitamin C

This is a vitamin that is recommended for several diseases but the disease that it is known to heal from the roots is cold and flu. This vitamin contains an antiviral effect that is helpful in doing away with cold and flu.

vitamin c


It also helps in strengthening the immune system of the body and at the same time helps the body in fighting viral infections. It is a very effective vitamin that fights against various kinds of viral infections such as bird flu, swine flu and cold.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is also said to fight viral infections and it has been found that a daily dose of 5000IU can work well in helping the body function properly and fighting the viral infections that causes the flu and cold.

Vitamin A


Carrots, capsicum, and spinach can be taken in excess in order to get enough supplements of vitamin A that is considered to be very good for the health of a human being.

Vitamin D

Sun is the best source of vitamin D and it is sunlight and fresh sunlight alone that can fight the symptoms of cold and flu in a person. Often it is during the winters that people are prone to cold and flu because they do not get enough sunlight that is helpful in fighting off the carriers of cold and flu.

fruits and vegetables

In case of no sunlight, the best option that can be used for the intake of vitamin D are fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin D. Vitamin D is also helpful in building a very strong immune system for a person that lasts for a very long time.


Zinc is a nutrient that is related to the eradication of cold and flu and it has been found through proper tests that zinc has been associated very closely with vitamins in fighting off various types of chronic diseases like cold and flu.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E


Vitamin E is also found to work in the group of the vitamins for cold and flu as it has been found to do a tremendous job in getting away with the symptoms and the problems caused due to cold and flu.

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