6 Best Foods To Treat Heartburn

The burning sensation in the region of chest caused due to the indigestion of acids is commonly termed as heartburn. Increased production of gastric acid is the main cause for the problem of heartburn.


Heartburn is known to be one of the major symptoms of the problem of GERD. Foods are found to play a main role in regulating the digestive processes and hence checking the troubles like heartburn. Having healthy as well as safe food items can be helpful in preventing the problems like heartburn. Here are some such excellent and useful foods which can help in checking the diseases like heartburn.

Best Foods To Treat heartburn


Consuming an apple after having main meals can be helpful in reducing the problem of heartburn. Being a good source of essential carbohydrates, apples can be included in the daily diets of the patient suffering from the problem of heartburn. Certain phenolic phytochemicals present in apples are found to be effective in providing an instant relief from the heartburn.



Licorice is another excellent diet used in the treatment of heartburn. Consuming licorice is found to be advantageous in reducing the production of gastric acid. Licorice is known to be rich in fibers which can be helpful in regulating the cholesterol level in the body. Drinking an infusion made by using licorice roots can be useful in curing heartburn effectively.

Licorice Root


Banana is one of the useful fruits which can be eaten daily to prevent the problems like heartburn very efficiently. Banana is regarded as one of the best natural antacids which can be very advantageous in regulating the level of gastric acid. Including raw as well as ripe bananas in our every day diets can be useful in curing heartburns.


Sea Foods

Sea food items can be taken in large quantities along with other nutritious foods as a part of the treatment for heartburn. Being rich in taurine, fishes and other sea foods are found to be effective in controlling the production of gastric acid and hence helping in curing the trouble of heartburn. Sea foods are low fat foodstuffs which can be given to the sufferer in large amounts.


Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea is found to be one of the excellent diet remedies used in the case of heartburn. Drinking a cup of freshly prepared tea using kombucha leaves is proved to be useful in curing the problem very effectively. Kombucha tea is proved to contain weak acetic acid which can very effectively help in regulating the level of gastric acid.

Kombucha Tea

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Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits, especially lemon and oranges can be consumed in abundance after having a heavy meal. This is found to be effective in preventing the trouble of heartburn.

Being an excellent antioxidant as well as containing weak acids, these fruits are proved to be valuable in regulating the gastric acid level. Drinking pure water in abundance can also be useful in flushing out the extra gastric acid that causes the problem of heartburn.

Aloe Vera, milk, apple cider vinegar etc. are other useful diet remedies which can be utilized in treating the problem of heartburn very efficiently.

Citrus Food

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