Best Diet Plan After Exercise

Diet Plan After ExerciseEating right kind of foods after a workout is important not only for athletes but for common people also who workout for 30-60 minutes on regular basis. A post workout meal is responsible for muscle building and cell repair and hence should be chosen carefully. Here are some post workout diet tips to optimize your performance level for your fitness goals whether it is about weight loss or staying fit.

In fact, the content, portion size and the timing of your meals can influence your energy levels, the recovery and rebuilding process of body and whether the foods you have eaten will be stored as fats or consumed as fuel post workout. Eating right kinds of foods is important because foods act like fuel for your body’s engine while water acts like a cooling agent in your body, keeping your body temperature under control. You should eat within 30 minutes to 2 hours after your workout for reaping maximum benefits.

Diet Plan After Exercise

Drink Water

Make fluids an important part of your diet before, during and after workouts. While you should consume 2 cups of water one hour before exercising and keep sipping around half cup of water every 20 minutes while exercising, you must consume at least 2 cups of water shortly after workout.

Drink water

If you have worked out in very hot/humid weather or you weigh more than average then you can also consider weighing yourself before and after workout. Try to replace each ounce of weight lost with each ounce of water.

Eat Wisely

You need not be very conscious about the ratios and percentages mentioned further about the food types if you have been eating whole grains, lean meats, low fat dairy products and fruits and vegetables.

fruits and vegetables

However the below mentioned quantities give you an idea as to what kind of foods will benefit you most, post workout.



Contrary to popular belief, after exercising instead of proteins, your body needs carbohydrates. Complex carbs which come from whole grains, whole wheat bread, pastas, fruits like apples, bananas, etc. will be your best bet. Carbohydrate based foods should form the biggest part, around 60%, of your meal.


Proteins are important after workout. They help in rebuilding of muscles and provide best fuel for your muscles. You don’t need large quantities of protein. Only 15-20 grams of proteins will be suffice for your body at this time.


Consider including a hardboiled egg or a cup of low fat milk or a piece of roasted chicken. This small amount of protein will be suffice to stop your body to break down muscle tissue for its energy requirements.


Include very little fat in your diet at this juncture. The least amount needed to cook your post workout snack because fat does not do any good to body post workout. Optimum amount will be 15% of your total meal or 10 grams. In case you find it tough to eat after your workout either due to your schedules or appetite levels, do not panic.


So far as you are eating healthy foods in your diet as per your activity level, your body will replenish nutrients for your next workout session. Some examples of ideal snacks for post workout session include egg and bread, cornflakes and low fat milk, smoothie made of curd water, banana and apple, low fat yogurt with fruit, cheese with fruit, a handful of nuts, vegetable stir fry with chicken, etc.

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