Best 5 Acne Alternative Treatment

Acne is a common skin problem which several people face which include men, women and teenagers. The hair follicles are often prone to get clogged with dead skin cells, sebum and bacteria therefore leading to blemishes and acne bumps.


Acne is a common occurrence among adolescents when hormonal changes are mainly attributed for the outbreak of such a skin condition. Many people suffering from acne tend to prick the skin which is very dangerous as this action can only make the situation go worse.

The facial skin and the neck are most prone to acne though some may have them on their back as well. Acne doesn’t happen due to excess sweating; rather it’s a condition which gets triggered due to the hair pores on the skin getting congested with the dirt, bacteria which get mixed with the natural skin secretion known as sebum.

Hence, the skin can’t release further sebum secretion which gets obstructed by the plug that has formed on the opening of the follicle thus leading to bumps, blemishes, redness and also scarring. However, there are individual differences in skin types; some people may not face acne problem at all while others may be more susceptible to the problem due to their skin type.

Effective Non-Medical Treatments For Acne

Cleaning Skin

The most important natural way to combat acne is to keep your skin clean and exfoliated so that your skin pores doesn’t get clogged. Wash your face at least two to three times in a day and definitely after coming home from outside. As already mentioned different skin types behave in different ways and if your skin is acne prone then it needs the proper care.

Cleaning Skin

Nutritional Therapies

Acne is not actually a disease but a skin condition which happens due to natural conditions like hormonal changes and excess oil secretion. By controlling these natural conditions in natural ways acne can also be combated to a considerable extent. The main idea is to create body defenses through nutritional therapies so that acne doesn’t occur at all or can be cured completely.

nutritional therapy

Control On Oily Skin

It is believed that by controlling the oil production in the skin acne can be controlled. Avoiding chocolates, refined carbohydrates, saturated fatty foods, milk fat, foods containing high iodine content, seafood can help combat acne problem as some of these trigger excess oil secretion while others may be high in hormone content.

oily skin

Reduce Stress

Sometimes stress can also be a factor in triggering acne problem. Combating stress can be done through vitamin supplements which according to individual requirements can be taken. Such vitamins include zinc, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin E and so on. Zinc is a popular vitamin used to combat acne as it has anti-inflammatory properties as well. However, zinc consumed for long periods must also be accompanied with copper supplements otherwise copper gets absorbed way too much. Dried beans, oysters, clam, wheat germ are all rich in zinc.

reduce stress

Herbal Treatment

Herbal treatment is another effective alternative treatment option for acne. Tea tree oil gel and calendula (marigold) are very much effective in controlling acne and also in reducing inflammation. Burdock and cleavers made into a tincture by mixing in alcohol and water in the right proportions can act as cleansing agents. Aromatherapy and hydrotherapy are also used as alternative treatments for acne.

tea tree oil

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