14 Awesome Benefit Of Horsetail For Skin, Hair And Health

Benefit Of Horsetail For Skin, Hair And Health

Horsetail, also known as Shave grass, Bottle brush, Candock and Paddock pipes is a thin perennial plant with a stalk that resembles tail of a horse or a bird and has been used since ages to cure variety of ailments. The herb has been used as diuretic, for curing infection, for increasing blood circulation, respiratory illness arthritis and ulcers. Loaded with variety of minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients with anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, it is used widely in herbal medicine as well as cosmetology. This herb is richest source of a trace mineral “silicon” which is required by the body for keeping the joint flexible, bones stronger and skin glowing. Here are amazing benefits of this herb for skin, hair and health.

Benefits Of Horsetail For Health

1. Effective Remedy For Kidney Disorders

Studies show that due to its amazing diuretic activity, horse tail can be an effective remedy for removing kidney stones naturally, particularly uric acid kidney stones that are associated with gout and often develops due to low urine excretion. This results in uric acid deposits in the bloodstream and formation of stones into kidneys and urinary canal.[1] Drinking horsetail tea two three times a day has been found beneficial in increasing urine production. Increasing the flow of urine it may help to flush out the stones from kidney and also bring relief from urinary tract infection.

2. Reduces Risk Of Cancer

Being natural source of antioxidants and phytochemicals, laboratory experiment of horsetail extract have shown promising result in inhibiting the development of cancer cells. The antioxidants are very effective in reducing the cellular damage caused by free radicals and their abnormal proliferation.[2]

3. Brings Relief From Respiratory Infections

Horsetail has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and works as an expectorant to fight dry cough, cold and flu, bronchitis and nasal congestion. To ward off infection and reduce irritation of the respiratory tract consuming horsetail tea 2-3 times a day can be a great remedy. Inhaling the vapors of horse tail tea may also help to reduce congestion of the nasal passage and chest and bring relief.[3]

4. Fights Skin Infection

Essential oil from horsetail plant contains 25 compounds and impressive anti-microbial properties that can fight specific types of germs and fungi. Its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties help to relieve inflammation and infection associated with boils and Carbuncles.[4] Warm compress and poultice of dried horsetail herb is used to draw the pus from the affected areas and reduce inflammation. Topical application of horsetail paste made from the leaves or extract of this plant can heal infection like Athlete’s Foot, chilblains, frostbite which are caused either due to severe cold or humidity and affects the fine capillary bed of the skin causing redness, inflammation blisters and itching. To boost your immunity and keep infection from wounds at bay drink 1-2 cups horsetail tea daily until the wound heals.

5. Strengthens And Repairs Brittle Nails

The minerals contained in horsetail can help to strengthen and your repair your weak, brittle nail and restore their health. Just drinking 1-2 cups of horsetail tea for a week or steeping the nails in the infusion made by boiling 2tbsp.dried herb cannot just restore the health of finger and toe nails but also remove the white spots on them.[5] Continue soaking the nails for a week followed by application of moisturizer and see the difference.

6. Guards Against Osteoporosis

Horsetail is high in silicon which helps to absorb calcium rapidly from food in the body and protect bone health. And we know calcium is essential mineral for repairing bone tissues and collagen. Dietary silicon intake has been linked to have positive effect on bone mineral density, especially in premenopausal women who suffer from osteoporosis.[6] Silicon is not found in too many foods we consume. Since horsetail contain significant amount of silicon, consuming it as, supplement, or extract can help to reduce the risk of age related bone degradation.

7. Improves Cognitive Health

Deficiency of silica in the body has been linked to memory loss. Since horsetail contains significant amount of silica, it can be used to boost memory. Strengthening the nerve cells, spinal cord and cognitive tissues in the brain it can improve your cognitive performance. Besides this, horsetail also contains nicotine that acts as stimulant to boost the brain and nervous system. The antioxidant activity of the herbs is also credited for memory enhancement.[7] Drinking horsetail tea or taking horsetail capsule as supplement may help with cognitive performance.

8. Brings Relief From Tonsillitis And Gingivitis

Gargling with horsetail tea can bring relief from inflamed tonsils, bleeding gums and canker sores.[8] Simply boil water and add herb and steep for 10-15 minutes. When it turns lukewarm gargle with it 2-3 times daily.

9. Lowers Blood Glucose Levels

Research shows taking horsetail extract once a day can help to lower blood sugar level significantly in people with type-2 diabetes.[9] You can take horsetail capsule before meal to keep your blood glucose level stable.


Horsetail Benefits For Skin

What makes horsetail an impressive ingredient in skin care products is its high concentration of silicon in the form silica aids than any other herb. Which contributes in strengthening bones, blood vessels, cartilage and tendons, connective tissues, skin hair and nails and other organs and provide them flexibility. It is required for bone formation.

10. Reverse Signs Of Aging

Since horsetail is an herb packed with silicon, it helps to maintain healthy connective tissues and helps with collagen production. Collagen is primarily made of silicon. Having enough silicon your body helps to get a younger looking healthier skin. Collagen also increases the elasticity of your skin and. With age skin loses its elasticity. Using this herb extract on your skin as face mask can help to enhance collagen production and make your skin look firmer and tighter, reduce fine lines and wrinkle.[10] Drinking horsetail tea every morning will also help to promote wrinkle-free skin.

11. Hydrates And Locks Moisture

Most skin problems are associated with dry dehydrated skin. Topical application of horsetail will help to hydrate and moisturize your skin.[11]

Hydrates And Locks Moisture

12. Reduces Acne And Blemishes

Horsetail has astringent properties which can help to remove impurities and excess oil from the skin.[12] Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of this herb help to stop bacterial infection and reduce the flare up of acne and blemishes cleansing and shrinking the pores.

13.  Promotes Healthy Skin

The anti-septic property of this carb can be aid in healing cuts, wounds and eczema.[13] The antioxidant activity of the herb and abundance of nutrients in the herb can help you get healthy skin.

14. Promotes Healthy Hair

Studies demonstrate that silica contained in horsetail can also help to improve your hair health boosting hair growth, eliminating dandruff, split ends and other hair problems. Drinking horsetail tea and washing your hair horsetail extract shampoo may be effective in getting dandruff-free, strong and nourished hair.[14]

Use this herb after consulting your healthcare provider so that it may not interact with any medicine you are taking.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.