8 Standing Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Yoga Poses For Back Pain

Tightness, pain, and stiffness in the back are a common problem with a large number of people suffering from it. Pain in the upper and lower part of the back makes simple body movements like walking and bending difficult. Exercises are important for reducing the pain and problems in the back. Doing yoga exercises is very beneficial for back pain. The standing yoga poses are very effective in this problem. We will explain the method of doing some standing yoga exercises that help in fighting back pain. Following are the 8 standing yoga poses for back pain.

1. Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose is effective in reducing back pain. Maintain a mountain pose first. Bend the knees and raise one leg. Twist the leg over the thigh. Balance the weight of the body on one leg keeping the other leg twisted and coiled over the thighs. Hook and wrap the foot on the calf. Twist the arms also by coiling one arm over the other. Bend the elbows and wrap one arm around the other one making an eagle like position with coiled hands and legs.

Eagle Pose

2. Extended Side Angle Pose

The Extended Side Angle Pose of yoga helps in reducing back pain. Stand straight and maintain a mountain pose. Keep the feet at a distance of four feet from each other while exhaling. Lift the arms upwards above the head and take them towards the side either left or right. Turn one foot to the opposite side while turning the opposite foot to a right angle. Align one heel with the other one. Turn the thigh outward while moving the opposite hip forward in front towards the side. Along with this, rotate the torso towards the side. Take out a deep breath and bend the knee. Lift one arm upwards above the head and the opposite palm near the floor. Stretch and elongate the body in the sides. Lower the torso to the thigh. Press the hand on the floor. Hold, inhale and return. Do with the opposite side.

Extended Side Angle Pose

3. Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is a yoga exercise for reducing back pain. For this, stand straight and bend the body from the waist towards the floor so that the body rests on the lower surface on two hands and legs just as a downward facing dog position. Place the palms flat on the floor. Lift the knees above the floor. Stretch the hamstrings. Hold and repeat for 5 times.

Downward Facing Dog

4. Wall Plank

Wall Plank is an easy yoga exercise for back pain that is done on a wall. Stand straight with a wall ahead of you. Bend the body half from the waist and hold the wall with the palms resting on it flat. Bend forward while seeing down. Elongate and stretch the back making an L-shape with the hands and body. Hold for two minutes while taking deep breaths. After this, return to a starting position.

Wall Plank

5. Warrior III Pose

Warrior III Pose is very good for back pain problem. Stand straight and lift the hands above the head. Move a step ahead of you in the front. Make a T-shape with the body at the side. For this, take the arms towards the side making the hands parallel to the floor extended straight. Lift one leg upwards to a ninety-degree angle at the body while inhaling to make a T-shape. Exhale, take a deep breath and reach out the fingers in front. Do this with the opposite side.

Warrior III Pose

6. Tree Pose

Tree Pose helps in fighting back pain. Stand straight and place the hands at the side of the body. Bend the knee of one leg, lift it upwards and place it on the opposite side thigh. Let the sole lie flat on the thigh. Keep the other leg straight. Balance the body on one leg. Inhale and lift the arms upwards above the head. Join the palm in a prayer or Namaste pose. Make a tree-like posture with the body. Return to a starting position. Do this with the opposite side also.

Tree Pose

7. Half Moon Pose

Half Moon Pose is effective for back pain. Maintain an extended triangle pose by standing and bending the body towards the side. Touch the floor on the side with one hand while taking the other arm upwards above the head. Place one hand on the hip of the same side. Exhale and press one hand on the floor while lifting the opposite leg upwards above the floor making a ninety-degree angle with the body. Raise the leg and rotate the torso to the side. Stand on one leg with hand on the floor. Hold, exhale and return to original position. Do with the opposite side.

Half Moon Pose

8. Upward Forward Bend

Upward Forward Bend helps in dealing with the problem of back pain. Stand straight keeping some gap between the feet. Bend the body down towards the floor from the waist while exhaling to do a forward bending movement. Return to a starting position. Repeat five times.

Upward Forward Bend

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