8 Poses Of Yoga For Abnormal Curvature

8 Poses Of Yoga For Abnormal Curvature

In the fast-paced world where all work happens in your fingertip, you are chained to your chair the entire day. As a result, you hurt your back and the curvature of your body affects a lot. You devote your maximum time either on computer or on the latest gadgets. The wrong sitting and standing postures bend the curvature of your body and you invite many other health issues at your end. Poor curvature may lead to the ache in shoulder, back and neck. Sometimes, there happens to be curvature issues in spine. If you want to get shot of curvature issues, then you should incorporate yoga in your life. Have a glance at eight poses of yoga for abnormal curvature in the following lines.

1. Bridge Pose:

Lie down with touching your back on the floor. With your legs up, you should position your knees to a 90-degree angle. As you breathe out, you should put pressure on your arms and feet towards the floor and stretch your tailbone in the upward position. Remain in this position for nearly few minutes. Now, breathe out while keeping the spine slowly on the floor. This yoga pose will bolster the spine and muscles of your back.

Bridge Pose

2. Downward-facing Dog Pose:

Lay down on the floor. Now, raise your hip high and make sure to keep the spine in a straight position. Maintain flexibility of your body while you bend the kent of your legs. This yoga pose broadens the shoulder and makes your spine stronger.

Downward-facing Dog Pose

3. Crocodile Pose:

Raise your legs in upward direction while you push your hips with the heels of your legs. Do this yoga repeatedly for 30 seconds while you inhale and exhale slowly. This yoga pose is good for the curvature of your spine.

4. Cat Pose:

Bend down and touch your palms and legs on the floor. Your pose should resemble the pose of a cat. Remain in this position for a few minutes. This yoga pose flexes your spine and enhances blood circulation in your body.

5. Knee Down Twist:

Touch the back side of your body on the floor. Raise the left leg up and breathe deeply in and breathe deeply out. Now, keep the left knee towards your right side. Focus on your finger tips and lay your arms straight to the sides of your body. Your palms should be in a T position. This yoga is good for your back muscles and spine.

Knee Down Twist:

6. Corpse Pose:

Rest your back on the floor, keeping your arms by your side. Let your palms be in the upward direction. Concentrate breathing in and breathing out. When you do this yoga pose, your body and mind should be in a relaxed state. This yoga pose is good for overall of your body.

Corpse Pose

7. Child Pose:

Keep your wrists facing towards your shoulder and your knees facing towards your hips. Now, touch your hip on your heels and breathe out for a few seconds. Make sure your torso should touch the upper portion of your legs. Keep your arms straight while your forehead should be rested on the floor. Remain in this position for a few minutes.

Child Pose

8. Triangle Pose:

Keep your feet at a distance from one another. Lift your arms in the upward direction and relax your palms in downward position. Move your left foot at a 45-degree angle and right foot at a 90-degree angle. Place your heels on the floor in a parallel position. Turn your body to your right side. Bend the upper portion of your body to the floor. Try to touch your right foot with your right hand. Stretch your left arm in the upward direction while your gaze should be fixed on the left hand. Remain in this position for a while.

Triangle Pose

These yoga poses are designed to maintain a strong curve in your spine. Repeat these yoga poses on a daily basis to see positive results in the curvature of your spine.

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