6 Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Back Fat

6 Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Back Fat

Who does not like to wear trendy outfits? Seeing fashionable clothes displayed on the mannequin, your mind tells you to try those trendy dresses. But, a flab body will not let you try those outfits. Fats can accumulate at any part of your body. By exercising daily and having a right diet, you can tone your body. The toughest part is if you gather fats back in your body. You must be wanting to wear backless dresses, but the fats in your back do not let you fulfil your wish. Now you can get shot of bulge on your back and wear backless dresses of your choice. Do six yoga poses to get rid of back fats naturally. How to start with? Read below how to do those yoga poses.

1. Wheel Pose:

You have to lie down straight with your back touching the ground and then twitch your knees a little with your feet down on the floor. Now, tilt your elbows. Rest your arms on the floor, placing them on your shoulder. At the same time, place your fingertips towards your feet. Breathe in, pressing your palms. Now, put your head up. Do not touch your hips and shoulders on the ground. Remain in this position for a few minutes while inhaling deeply for five times.

2. Straight-arm Triangle Pose:

Stand in an erect position and widen your feet as much as you can. Now slowly move your right foot to the right side. Stretch your right arm as far as possible. Now slowly put your right hand down on the floor. Put your ankles and arches up towards upward direction. Make sure you keep your legs straight while you are performing this yoga. Move your upper arm right above your ear. Breathe deeply for five times and stand in this position for a while.

3. Warrior 3:

Place the yoga mat on the floor. Place your feet at the front portion of the mat. Bring both your feet closely to each other. Put weight on your left leg and straighten your right leg behind you. Balance your torso properly. Stretch your arms, placing them in front of you. Remain in this position for a few minutes and deeply breathe for five times.

4. Bow Pose:

Lie down by touching your abdomen to the floor. While positioning your abdomen flat on the floor, ensure to put a little pressure on your belly button by pressing it lightly. Put your knees in a downward direction. Hold each ankle tightly and bring your toes closely to each other. When you raise your feet, you should deeply breathe. Now, raise your thighs slowly in upward direction. Be in this position for a few minutes while having five deep breaths.

5. Dolphin Plank Pose:

Place the palms of your hand on the ground and the toes of your feet on the ground. Raise your body a little from the ground. Be in this position where you place your shoulders slightly above the elbows.

6. Locust Pose:

Place your legs closely to each other and touch your belly on the ground. Now, rest your arms down to the sides of your legs, facing in upward direction. While you inhale, you should slowly raise your head, legs and upper part of your body. Let your hands touch the ground. Breathe and keep your shoulders in a relaxed position. Stretch your head away from your toes as much as you can. Remain in this position for a few minutes while you take five breaths.

Ridding of fats on your back is not impossible anymore. Try these aforesaid yoga poses on a daily basis to lessen the unwanted fats from your back.

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