8 Amazing Benefits Of St. John’s Wort For Skin And Health

Benefits Of St. John’s Wort For Skin And Health

St. John’s wort, which grows in various parts of the world, is a perennial herb with yellow flowers. This herb is highly recommended for managing the mild depression in certain countries. Some people use this amazing herb as a tea substitute also. This herb is rich in analgesic, antibacterial, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. It is very helpful in promoting the healthy immune system. Similarly, this herb works wonders in combating against the alcoholism. This herb is used for pulmonary complaints as well. Let us discuss few amazing benefits of St. John’s Wort for skin and health.

Skin Benefits Of St. John’s Wort

1. Heals Burns

This amazing herb works fantastically well in speeding up the healing process of the burns.[1] All you have to do is to prepare an ointment by mixing olive oil and St. John’s wort flowers together. Apply this ointment on the burns.

2. Reduces Wrinkles

This herb has the capability of reducing the wrinkles from the skin. In order to get rid of wrinkles, you are required to apply St. John’s Wort topically.[2] Because of its ability of making the skin more sensitive to UV rays, the consumption of this herb adversely affects your skin and ultimately results in the development of wrinkles. Therefore, use this herb for topical application in order to manage the wrinkles.

Reduces Wrinkles

3. Keeps Wounds From Becoming Infected

St. John’s essential oil is strongly antibacterial. The antibacterial properties of this oil work great in keeping open wounds from becoming infected.[3] Because of this quality, this oil works great in reducing the issues related to cuts, scrapes and abrasions. The greater antibacterial effects of this herb are revealed in the laboratory experiments. In fact, the antibacterial activity of this herb is so stronger than that of sulfa drugs.

Keeps Wounds From Becoming Infected

Health Benefits Of St. John’s Wort

4. Reduces The Risk Of Breast Cancer

This herb is highly capable in reducing the breast cancer as well. Hypericin, one of the main components of this herb is very effective in slowing the spreading of the breast cancer to the tissues between the chest wall and lungs.[4] The cancer combating effectiveness of hypericin gets enhanced when the skin is exposed to the sunlight.

5. Reduces Depression

This herb works miracles in healing depression as well. Hypericin, a chief component in St. John’s wort allows the serotonin to combat against depression.[5] Serotonin acts as the powerful mood stabilizer which impacts each and every part of the body, including the emotions and motor skills.

Reduces Depression

6. Reduces Digestive Ailments

The oil of the St. John’s wort has been used for various kinds of the digestive ailments.[6] The amazing oil of the St. John’s wort is very effective in regulating the serotonin, the neurotransmitter which causes digestive irritation. It also diminishes the swelling and inflammation.

7. Relieves Headaches

Another fantastic health benefit offered by this herb is relieving you from the headaches. St. John’s wort has the ability to reduce headaches that are associated with hay fever.[7] It also stops the process with in brain which triggers nausea.

8. Reduces Vitiligo

St. John’s wort is highly effective in relieving you from the symptoms of vitiligo. Both St. John’s wort oil and creams, when applied topically work great in increasing the response of the vitiligo- affected skin to the sun light.[8] But, you may need to use this amazing herb for longer period of time in order to get the desirable effect.

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