7 Yoga Poses For Improving Adrenal Fatigue

Yoga Poses For Improving Adrenal Fatigue

Our bodies are very smart. It has a special way of dealing with stress. It goes in a survival mode! However the survival mode is not healthy. If you have stress for a long period of time, the body goes into a health condition called adrenal fatigue in which your body loses the ability to repair itself or function properly. This is a very scary situation and it is best avoid that. In case you have adrenal fatigue, it can be improved. The adrenal gland is located above the kidneys and it is linked with the body functions. It balances your hormones and keeps your mind and body healthy. Where your body has high amount of adrenaline or cortisol, your adrenal glands become tired.We are not here to tell you about your problems! We are here to solve your health problems. If you want to improve adrenal fatigue, you can practice certain yoga poses. Yoga has its ways to help you with almost any health problem. Today we have listed the 7 Yoga Poses for Improving Adrenal Fatigue. Take a look and start doing yoga from now. It will help you a lot!

Here Are The 7 Yoga Poses For Improving Adrenal Fatigue:

1. Supported Yoga Bride

The supported bridge may look difficult to do but you can do it easily. However avoid this yoga pose if you have back problems. This pose will help you relax and it is an effective workout as well. Just lie down on  your back. Lift uo your hips. Your hands should be on the sides and on the floor. Now place a block or a 3-4 folded mattress under the secrum. This is an effective yoga pose for improving adrenal fatigue.

Supported Yoga Bride

2. Child’s Pose Wide Legged

The child’s pose is another effective yoga pose which needs flexibility. In case your mat is too thin or you have knees which are sore, you should should of placing a soft mat underneath. Kneel on your mat. The big toes should be touching each other at back. Now slowly bring your knees outwards and sit on your kneels. Now bring the torso towards the front slowly. Bring your arms in the front as you go forward with your torso. Rest your forehead on the mat and place a folded towel underneath for a little support. This will help you relax and your fatigue shall improve.

Child's Pose Wide Legged

3. Sphinx Pose

First you need to lie down on your tummy. Once you are done with that, use your elbows to bring your upper body up. Support your upper body with your elbows and close your eyes. You can look up pushing your chin upwards. This is a very relaxing pose and it helps with adrenal fatigue.

Sphinx Pose

4. Butterfly Pose

This is a very easy yoga pose. You need to sit on the mat with both your joined together. If it is being difficult to hold it together, use your hands to clasp your feet together. Sit upright and move your legs up and down like a butterfly flaps its wings when flying. This is called the butterfly pose and it is very effective. Do it in your free time while watching television or whenever you get a break from work.

Butterfly Pose

5. Legs Up The Wall Yoga Pose

This pose will help you relax and improve the adrenal fatigue. All you need to do is start by placing the hips against a wall. Now slowly bring your legs up and place them on the wall. You will be making an L shape with your body by doing this pose. This is a very good yoga pose. Your hands need to be on the sides. Relax in this position. This looks like a pain but it is very relaxing!

Legs Up The Wall Yoga Pose

6. Restorative Cobbler’s Pose Yoga

This may seem a little difficult to do for beginners but if you practice, you will be able to do it efficiently. Now begin with sitting upright with your feet clasped together. First of all, get comfortable with this position. If you feel any discomfort, place a folded towel under your knees. Now slowly start reclining towards the back. The spine should be on the floor. You can place a pillow behind or a folded mattress in case you are not able to touch the floor at the back. This will relax your body and your mind.

7. Corpse Yoga Pose

Lie like a corpse and you will be a happy person. This yoga pose is the most relaxing and effective. Yes, you have to lie like a corpse. This helps in relaxing your mind and body. The deep breathing that you will do while in this position will help  your body to relax and improve adrenal fatigue. This will calm your body and the heart rate will go slow for a while. It will bring a sense of calm to your body and mind.

Wasn’t it so relaxing? You should be trying these poses at home. If you have adrenal fatigue and want your mind and body to be at peace, you should be practicing these 7 poses. We have made it a little easy for your knees and your back. Try these at home and tell us how it went!

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.