7 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Relieve Stress


stress is a response to pressure and threats. everyone feels stressed time to time. Nowadays because of the competitive nature of work, stress has become a part of our life. When you are occupied with multiple tasks, your body copes up with it by supplying the stored energy. This response of your body to these challenges is termed as stress. But because of stress, we cannot just stop living. However, Stress can be positive too. Stress is also positive when it gives you an extra push and does not prevail for a longer period of time but Stress is negative when it stains your body for a longer period of time. Learning healthy coping strategies is the best way to manage your stress level.

Here Are Few Simple Yet Effective Ways To Cope Up With Stress:

1. Include Stress Bursting Food In Your Diet:

stress can make up crave junk food and increase the level of fat promoting stress hormone. Ease your stress with stress bursting foods. Choosing healthy food has an impact on your mood. The few stress-bursting foods include Blueberries, Almonds, Avocados, Cashews, Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Oatmeal, Oranges etc which you might like to add in your regular diet.

Include Stress Bursting Food In Your Diet

2. Include Sufficient Amount Of Vitamin B In Your Diet:

it plays an indirect role to in the formation of serotonin. Deficiency in vitamin might contribute to stress. Vitamin B plays an important role in the brain nervous system. Some of the vitamin enriched foods are milk, nuts, grains, eggs, liver, beans, peas etc.

Include Sufficient Amount Of Vitamin B In Your Diet

3. Drink Enough Fluid To Feel Fresh:

water is crucial for our body to function. our body is approximately 60% to 70% water. brain is about 85% of water. If brain does not get enough water it causes stress. Water releases stress. Insufficient water intake can make you feel tired and stressed. Drinking adequate amount of water keeps you hydrated. Also take fruit juices. Fruits hydrate your body. Cucumber is good for reducing stress.

Drink Enough Fluid To Feel Fresh

4. Drinking Tea helps:

Drink white tea and green tea once each in a day on regular basis. It is good for your health as it flushes out the stress. Green tea contains antioxidants which help you to feel refreshed. Drink Chamomile tea. it has the ability to reduce irritability and relaxing muscles.

Drinking Tea helps

5. Exercise Body And Mind:

It is not necessary to do intense workouts. Just a short walk can also be helpful.  Try to devote 30 minutes to get your body moving so that it keeps your blood moving and also it will help you to release endorphins which will improve your mood. Swimming and running, both are great exercises. Splashing water refreshes you. Meditate helps reduce stress. Practice deep breathing.

Exercise Body And Mind

6. Get A Massage:

Massaging is a great way to relax. Massage your neck, forearms and palms. A professional masseuse can provide you with the relief. It will help you to relaxing the muscles, increase circulation and reduce pain.

Get A Massage

7. Make Sure You Are Having Adequate Sleep:

stress causes difficulty to fall asleep. Ensure that you are sleeping at least 7 to 9 hours each day. Avoid watching TV before going to bed and spend some time decompressing in bed before you actually sleep. Listen to calm and soothing music. Listen to the nature sounds. You will feel better and will fall asleep slowly.

Make Sure You Are Having Adequate Sleep

Hope you found the article helpful. Tell us how you cope up with stress!


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