7 Best Ways To Increase Oxygen Level In The Blood

7 Best Ways To Increase Oxygen Level In The Blood

If you are often feeling exhausted and tired, maybe you lack enough oxygen in your bloodstream. Though you may feel that you have been breathing properly, the low oxygen environment, poor fitness level, taking quick and short breaths, stress, pollution and a lot more contribute to low oxygenation. Instead of going for supplemental oxygen to get enough oxygen in the system, here are a few tips that will enable you to improve your oxygenation naturally. Continue reading to know more about the simple ways to stay energetic and healthy.

Best Ways to Increase Oxygen Level in the Blood:

1. Exercise

When you exercise regularly, brain increases respiration rate and to get more oxygen to the cells due to the production of carbon dioxide in the body. Heart and lungs function at optimal capacity increasing the intake of oxygen. Do not rush and intensify your workout suddenly. Instead, slowly build on your exercise regimen, but try to workout at least three days a week initially and increase it to 5 days a week.


2. Deep Breathing

Practicing deep breathing is a good way to improve oxygen level in the blood. Take deep and slow breath, which enable more oxygen to fill in your lungs and thus the bloodstream. So, practicing breathing exercises such as abdominal breathing, pranayama, alternate nostril breathing, kapalbhati, etc improves oxygenation and helps you stay calm.

Deep Breathing

3. Fresh Air

Spend some time in your garden or a park with lots of trees and plants every day to increase your oxygen intake. Plants take in CO2 and give out a lot of oxygen, so staying around them, that is in the fresh air improves oxygen level in the body. Go for a morning walk or jog in the park or take a stroll by the riverbank or lakeside in the evenings to get some fresh air. If these are not possible, step out of your house to get some fresh air and make sure your house is well ventilated.

Fresh Air

4. Better Posture

Improving your posture is a simple trick to increase oxygen intake. Slouching while walking, sitting or standing hinders breathing and thus blood oxygen level. Correcting the posture and staying erect improves breathing and oxygen intake and therefore blood oxygen levels increase as well.

Better Posture

5. Hydration

Water contains oxygen molecules, so drinking enough water not only helps keep the system hydrated and healthy, but also improves oxygen supply to the system. If you cannot drink water in large quantities, opt for fresh juice. Vegetable and fruit juices are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that supply the body with oxygen and help utilize oxygen effectively.

5. Iron Rich Food Intake

Low iron levels are one of the common causes for less oxygen in the blood. The RBCs are rich in iron, which is found in hemoglobin. Low iron level means the amount of oxygen in blood is also less. Your intake of iron should be 8 – 18 mg a day to avoid any deficiency. Including fish, meat, plant sources such as kidney beans, lentils, cereals and other nutrients in your diet can increase oxygen in the blood.

 Iron Rich Food Intake

6. Avoid Alcohol And Drugs

Alcohol and drugs can affect the blood oxygen level. This is because oxidative process is used to metabolize these substances in order to remove them from the system. So, by avoiding drinking or taking drugs that generally has harmful effect on the organs of your body, you can maintain the oxygen level in the blood.

Avoid Alcohol And Drugs

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