7 Best Herbs And Spices For Hair Growth

Herbs And Spices For Hair Growth

A number of herbs and spices we use for cooking are also known to help in hair growth. Traditionally, culinary herbs and spices are used in home remedies to reduce thinning of hair and promote hair re-growth. These herbs and spices are rich in nutrients that stimulate hair growth. They nourish the hair follicles and help in maintaining the normal hair growth cycle. These inexpensive kitchen remedies are safe for the tresses. Therefore, you can safely apply them to your scalp.

The Following Herbs And Spices Can Help In Improving Hair Growth:

1. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are widely used in Asian cuisines. They are also known for their health benefits. They contain certain compounds that help in activating hormones that help in building hair follicles and stimulating hair growth. Take a cup of fenugreek seeds and overnight soak them in water.[1] Next morning, grind the fenugreek seeds to make a smooth paste. Apply the fenugreek paste to the scalp and leave it on for 40 minutes. Wash off with water. With regular use, this remedy helps in stimulating hair growth.

Fenugreek Seeds

2. Coriander

The leaves and seeds of coriander are known to support hair growth. They can be used in various ways to promote hair growth. Grind fresh coriander leaves to make a smooth paste and apply it to the scalp. Apply the coriander paste daily for about a month to improve hair growth.[2] To arrest hair loss and induce hair re-growth, grind coriander seeds with some water and apply the paste to the scalp. Herbal hair oil prepared by boiling coriander leaves in mustard oil can also be used to stimulate hair growth.


3. Cinnamon

You can even use cinnamon to promote hair growth. Blend a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Mix the cinnamon and honey paste with warm olive oil.[3] Massage the scalp with the mixture. Let it sit on the scalp for about 15 minutes. Rinse off the paste with water and wash your hair with mild shampoo.


4. Black Cumin

Black cumin is used in Arabian folk remedies to stimulate hair growth. Take a handful of black cumin seeds. Grind them and mix with some warm olive oil.[4] Apply the paste to the scalp. Leave it on the scalp until the paste has dried. It usually takes about 30 to 60 minutes for the black cumin paste to dry. Rinse off with water. Massaging the scalp with black cumin oil can also help in promoting hair growth. Infuse a handful of crushed black cumin seeds in a quarter of a liter of olive oil. Massage the scalp daily with the oil.

Black Cumin

5. Sage

Sage is a popular culinary herb used for hair care. It is known to help in stopping hair loss and inducing hair growth. Brew a mug of strong sage tea.[5] Rinse your scalp with the sage tea. Use this daily to improve hair growth.


6. Curry Leaves

Apart from adding flavor to the dishes, curry leaves are used for hair care. They contain iron, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and other nutrients that are good for the health of the hair.[6] Traditionally, curry leaves are boiled in coconut oil. The herbal oil is massaged into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Curry Leaves

7. Thyme

Thyme is another popular culinary herb that can help in improving hair growth. Massaging the scalp with thyme infused oil helps in improving the scalp health, reduces dandruff and promotes hair growth.[7]


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