7 Amazing Ways To Get Fair Skin During Winter

Ways To Get Fair Skin During Winter

Who does not enjoy the pleasant climate of the winter season? In fact, it is the favorite season for almost all of us. Hence, most of us plan to enjoy this season very differently. Many people plan to enjoy the marvelous winter season with family and friends. Many others plan to go for nice lunches with friends and relatives etc. But, besides enjoyments, winter season also carries its own set of skin issues. The skin becomes dry and dull during the winter. It results in turning your skin dark. The commercial skin whitening products may not work on your skin type. Therefore, it is suggestible to give a try to some natural ingredients which are available in your kitchen. This article is all about how to deal with the fair skin during the winter season.

1. Lemon:

Bleaching properties in lemon work wonder in lightening your skin. To obtain the fair skin during the winter season, it is recommended to apply the lemon juice on your skin. But, applying the lemon juice directly on the skin is not at all a good idea. You need to apply the diluted lemon juice on your skin. You can follow this process three times in a week in order to get the supple, bright and smooth skin.


2. Honey:

Honey has the natural cleansing properties. With these properties, honey works wonder in removing the darkness from your skin. Thus, it offers you the fair skin. For this, take some honey and apply evenly on your skin. Do not disturb honey for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, rinse it off with the help of tepid water. Surely, you will fall in love with your smooth and fair skin.

3. Sugar:

Applying sugar is another great alternative for getting the fair skin during the winter season. Natural exfoliating properties of sugar are very effective in eliminating the dirt, dust, and impurities which accumulated on your skin. Add some olive oil to sugar and mix these ingredients together. Use this mixture for massaging your skin for fifteen to twenty minutes on the regular basis. By making your skin supple and clear, this olive oil and sugar pack offer you the fair skin.


4. Turmeric:

Turmeric is one of the most used ingredients for getting the flawless skin. It works miracles on your skin. Take some turmeric powder and add it to some water. Mix these ingredients together and slather the paste on your face and neck. Gently massage for one or two minutes. Let the pack rest on your skin for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, wash it off with the water.


5. Oatmeal Powder:

Minerals in oatmeal would simply make your skin beautiful, flawless and brighter. Add some oatmeal powder to milk. Combine these things together and smear the resultant paste on your neck and face areas. Allow the pack to work its magic for fifteen to twenty minutes. After that, wash it off with the tepid water.

6. Milk Cream:

Milk cream is another ingredient with full of skin-friendly and skin protecting properties. It is highly beneficial in nourishing your skin. Amazing moisturizing properties in milk cream adds moisture content to your skin. By doing so, it reduces the darkness. In this way, it makes your skin fair. Apply some amount of milk cream to your skin. Let the milk cream rest on your skin for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, remove it with some lukewarm water.

Milk Cream

7. Coffee Powder:

Coffee powder is one of the powerful ingredients which never fail in making your skin fair. It brightens, nourishes and tightens your skin. It adds immense moisture content to your dry and dark skin. Add equal amounts of milk and coffee powder. Blend these things carefully. Spread the pack evenly on your neck and face. Let the pack settle on your skin for fifteen to twenty minutes. Then, wash it off with the water. Repeat this method on the daily basis to enjoy the fair skin during the winter season.

Coffee Powder

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