5 Incredible Sugar Scrubs For Dry Skin

5 Incredible Sugar Scrubs For Dry Skin

Body scrubs are very good for skin exfoliation and is perfect for removing the layers of dead cell gathered over the upper layer of skin. It also allows refreshed skin cells lying beneath the upper layer to breathe and absorb all the goodness from the scrub. While there are plenty of scrubs available in the market, it is best to opt for sugar scrubs made at home. It is not only easy to make, it is economical and save you from the hazards of chemicals used in various skin care products. If you are looking for some incredible sugar scrubs for dry skin, here are 5 options that you will certainly like. Let’s find out.

1. Cleansing Cream And Sugar Scrub

We all use cleansing cream to remove impurities from our skin and this amazing ingredient can be used to prepare a homemade sugar scrub. Take a tablespoon of cleansing cream and mix it with 2 tablespoon of fine ground sugar. Stir well to make a sticky paste. Apply it all over the face, leaving the area around the eyes and scrub in circular motion. Dip a soft washcloth in lukewarm water and scrub off your face with it. Rinse your face with cold water. It is an ideal scrub for dry skin and will keep you fresh and glowing. This scrub can also be used on other parts of the body including your hands and feet.

Cleansing cream and sugar scrub

2. Brown Sugar And Coconut Oil Scrub

The brown sugar and coconut oil scrub must be prepared a week before its application. It can be stored at home and you can use it as and when required. To prepare this scrub, mix 1 and ½ cup brown sugar with 1 cup coconut oil. Add a tablespoon of jojoba or sweet almond oil. Mix all the ingredients and add rose petals on top. Fill a mason jar with this scrub and let it rest for at least 4 to 7 days. Use this scrub to massage your skin and rinse with cold water for perfectly hydrated and gorgeous skin.

Brown sugar and coconut oil scrub

3. Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

An excellent moisturizing scrub, ideal for dry skin conditions can be prepared with brown sugar, coconut oil, Vitamin E oil and some pure vanilla extract. To prepare this scrub, take a bowl and add 1 cup of brown sugar. Mix ½ cup of almond oil and ½ teaspoon of Vitamin E oil. Add a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. Prepare the mixture and store it in a glass jar. This can be used on dull and dry skin two to three times a week.

4. Pumpkin Pie Scrub

Another amazing sugar scrub that is extremely effective in nourishing dry skin is the Pumpkin pie scrub. It is made with 1 cup of brown sugar, ½ cup of coconut oil, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder and ½ teaspoon of Vitamin E oil. Apply this mixture on your face and body to refresh the skin. These homemade scrubs have a very good shelf life and can be stored for a month or two.

5. Oats, Sugar And Honey Scrub

Sugar scrubs are ideal for exfoliating dry skin and can be easily made at home. To make the oats, sugar and honey scrub, combine ½ cup oats with 1 and ¼ cup sugar, ¼ cup honey and ¼ cup coconut oil. Mix all the ingredients and check its consistency. If it looks very thick, add a little coconut oil. Add 10 drops of any essential oil at the end and mix thoroughly. Apply this sugar scrub on all parts of the body and face and gently exfoliate your skin.

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