6 Vitamins That Promote Hair growth And Healthy Skin

Skin and hair, both are very important constituents of the personality of any person. A person with flawless skin and long hair grabs the attention of every one. But, it is also true that most of us are not blessed with these things and so we need to take extra care of our skin and hair.

6 Vitamins That Promote Hair growth And Healthy Skin

If you have damaged hair or rough skin, then you need to take some precautions and use certain methods to make them healthy and look good. But, both these things cannot be achieved overnight, rather it requires a constant care and protection on your part.

You can use several home remedies or cosmetics for improving the growth of your hair and maintaining the health of your skin, but you cannot achieve the desired results without having a healthy diet.

There are some vitamins that can be of great help in improving the health of your hair as well as skin. These vitamins can be consumed through food or taken as supplements and they have a great impact on your overall health. You should preferably take these vitamins through your food for best results.

Vitamins To Promote Hair Growth And Healthy Skin

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is responsible for the overall health of the epithelial tissues of our body. These epithelial cells form the outermost covering of our skin. Vitamin A helps in production of healthy cells and protects them from any external damage and infections. It maintains the elasticity and moisture content of your skin and prevents it from drying. It also prevents the appearance of wrinkles on your skin and other symptoms of aging, thereby making the skin look younger and flawless.

Vitamin A is also responsible for health and growth of your hair. It helps in the production of sebum in your scalp, which in turn keeps your hair hydrated and prevents it from drying or becoming brittle. It also stimulates growth in hair follicles by keeping them hydrated and healthy. You can include this vitamin in your food by consuming cheese, spinach, eggs, carrots, broccoli, squash, meat and milk.

Vitamin A

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known for its antioxidant properties, which help in killing the free radicals. These free radicals can cause damage to your cells that results into premature aging and death of these cells. The vitamin C also helps in production of collagen, which tightens the skin tissues and makes them stronger. It helps in making the skin soft and supple, and prevents wrinkles and discoloration of skin.

Vitamin C also improves the blood circulation in the body. This results in more oxygen supply to your hair follicles, which in turn leads to better growth of hair. You can find this vitamin in cabbage, broccoli, strawberries, oranges and cantaloupe.

vitamin C

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has strong antioxidant properties, which make it perfect for your skin. It destroys the free radicals, which can cause damage to your body cells. It also prevents damage caused due to sunlight and improves blood circulation to the skin cells. Due to these properties, Vitamin E helps in retaining the moisture of your skin, and keeping it free from any damage, thereby slowing the process of aging. It also prevents wrinkles, sun burns, inflammation, scarring and stretch marks.

Vitamin is essential for the growth of your hair, as it promotes circulation of blood in your scalp and other body parts. It helps in retaining the moisture of your hair follicles and also prevents them from damage caused due to ultraviolet rays of the sun. This leads to improved health and growth of your hair. You can increase the intake of vitamin E in your body by consuming a diet including green leafy vegetables, nuts and vegetable oils.

vitamin E

Vitamin H Or Biotin

Vitamin H is very effective in stimulating the growth of your cells. It supports growth in skin as well as hair, thereby rejuvenating your skin and increasing the length of your hair. Biotin is naturally produced inside your body, but you can also take its supplements, in order to get a beautiful skin and long, healthy hair.

vitamin H or biotin

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex is required for production of healthy RBCs or red blood cells, responsible for transport of oxygen and minerals from blood to the body cells. With adequate amount of this group of vitamins in your body, you can rest assured of healthy circulatory system and so, a healthy skin and hair. It helps in improving the color and strength of skin and helps in preventing damage and discoloration of hair. You can find these vitamins in oatmeal, bananas, rice and eggs.

vitamin B complex

Other vitamins Affecting Hair And Skin Health

The importance of healthy diet cannot be emphasized enough, as a balanced diet ensures that you get all the vitamins and minerals in proper amount. Other vitamins, like Vitamin D, F, K and minerals, like zinc, magnesium etc are also very helpful in improving the health of your skin and hair. You should also try to stay away from stress and take sufficient rest to keep your body healthy, which is clearly reflected in the form of a gorgeous looking skin and long healthy hair.

other vitamins

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