5 Simple Diet Tips For Weight Gain

Diet For Weight GainMass media is full of information on ways to lose weight. All kind of lifestyle magazines, websites, self help books, nutritionists, diet experts seem to have focused their energies for salvaging people who suffer from obesity. Amidst this entire buzz, people who are quite lean and want to gain weight seem to have been neglected.

There are certainly a huge number of people out there who want to gain weight for looking good and leading a healthy life. Here we present you ways and means to gain weight in right manner. When we say weight gain, we are talking about increase in lean muscle mass and not fat content in body. More fat and less muscle mass is not healthy weight gain and should be avoided.

Diet Tips For Weight Gain

Eat Calorie Dense Foods

Weight gain is possible when the number of calories consumed is more than number of calories burnt. This is possible through eating calorie dense foods throughout the day. Examples of calorie dense foods include dried fruits, protein rich foods like eggs, chicken, soy and soy products, cheese, fish, starch based foods like potatoes, rice, etc. Eat these foods on regular intervals on daily basis.

Drink Protein Shakes

Drinking high calorie protein shakes is a good way to gain weight. You can include protein shakes as snacks in your daily diet regime. Drinking protein shakes also ensures that your body gets adequate amount of protein, essential for tissue repair, growth and development.

Drink Protein Shake

Do not get carried away by fancy protein shakes available in market. Focus on those protein shakes which are high in calories and nutrition and do not contain artificial sweeteners or flavors.

Avoid Sugary And Caffeine Drinks

Sugary and caffeinated drinks like cola, coffee, tea, soda are full of empty calories and lead to dehydration. In order to stay healthy and gain weight, it is important to stay hydrated all the time. Avoiding sugary and caffeine drinks will help in restoring water balance in body and will also not curb your appetite. Instead of caffeinated drinks, drink plentiful of water and other healthy drinks like juice, milk, lime water, etc.

Eat Snacks Twice A Day

Apart from three major meals, make it a routine to eat two small snacks on regular basis. By snacking we do not mean junk food.

Eat Snacks Twice A Day 

We mean nutritious and calorie dense snacks like dried fruits, soy milk, fruits, energy bars, etc. Avoid junk food items like chips, Maggie, noodles, cakes, etc. They are high in calories and contain harmful fats which do not provide any nutrition to the body.

Be Consistent With Your Diet

If you are irregular with your diet plan, it will show on weight scale. Usually it takes a couple of months to show weight gain hence it is important to stay consistent with weight gain diet and exercises. Do not get frustrated in between and start bingeing on junk food and harmful beverages. Eat well and exercise well and soon results will show.

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