5 Simple Diet Remedies For Hair Loss

If your bad hair days have become a never ending nightmare than you need to think about it seriously. Is it mere a new hair care product on the aisle which is responsible for your thinning hair woes or it has got to do with your lifestyle.

5 Simple Diet Remedies For Hair Loss

Lately, if junk food has become norm for you or you have suffered some health problem, then it clearly indicates a co-relation between your hair health and lack of nutrients.  While all natural and organic foods are good for your health, some foods are first among equals. Here, we present you a list of 5 foods which can help you change the way your hair look and feel.

Diet Remedies For Hair Loss


Walnuts are powerhouse of hair-friendly nutrients as they contain many nutrients essential for maintaining health and beauty of your locks. Walnuts contain ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, a basic nutrient for keeping your scalp moisturized and your hair glossy.

Besides, walnuts are also rich in biotin and vitamin E. These two nutrients protect your cells from DNA damage. Walnuts also contain hair friendly oils which help your hair grow fast. Eating a handful of walnuts 3 times a week provides you with enough copper to maintain color of your hair.



Our body needs zinc for tissue growth and repair. Zinc is also useful for hair growth.  Zinc also helps in keeping sebaceous gland active. Low levels of zinc in body are often associated with hair loss, dandruff and slow hair growth. Oysters are a good source of zinc. If you are a vegetarian, do not lose your heart. There are many rich sources of zinc in vegetarian menu also like peanut butter, wheatgerm, fat free yogurt, etc.


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Eggs contain proteins, iron, B vitamins , zinc, selenium, sulfur and biotin. All these nutrients are quite vital for hair growth.

Eating egg whites is a good way to get important nutrients but all the B vitamins are concentrated in the egg yolk so try to include whole egg in your diet at least two times a week and believe me, it will not affect your cholesterol levels, if you exercise regularly.



These tiny legumes are also powerhouse of vegetarian source of hair friendly nutrients. Lentils contain plentiful iron rich protein along with zinc and biotin. Protein is a basic nutrient for hair structure, and when the body is deficient in protein, hair grows slowly and the individual hair strands that grow become weak and breakage prone.

Lentils are crucial for vegetarian people because human body absorbs animal based iron easily than plant based iron and hence eating more of iron from various plant based sources helps.



These green leaves can change significantly the look of your hair. Iron deficiency is one of the major causes of hair loss and spinach contains plentiful of iron along with vitamin c, beta carotene and folate. Folate helps in creation of red blood cells and iron helps these cells carry oxygen to entire body, including scalp.

These nutrients keep the hair follicles healthy and scalp oil well circulated. You can also try other leafy greens like fenugreek leaves. Add one small bowl of green leafy vegetables in your daily diet.


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